I have done quite a bit of traveling my whole life. But this year, I told myself I’ll do that a bit more. Rather than being over ambitious, I told myself I’ll pack my bags whenever I can. My sister and I decided we’ll take a weekend trip to Melaka, Malaysia. Technically, It’s  only a 4 hour bus ride away from Singapore. But I have never been there. So, we did it last minute.


We took a really late night bus over. Now, when I think about it. That was a huge mistake. Not because of safety. But when you reach a place in the middle of the night, your options are low. And your chances of getting ripped off – HIGH! So we ended up paying a bomb for a cab! But that didn’t stop us from getting a late night dinner. We were famished! Walking the streets at 3am isn’t advisable for women. But we didn’t quite care cos we were really hungry. We had a long day ahead. And we needed food. Image

The next day we got up early with an intention to cover as many places as possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. None of the money changers were opened. Here’s the weirder part. The people are friendly. But they had a strange sense of direction. Each and EVERY one of them gave us a separate set of directions. We ended up circling the place for 2 hours. In the end, I gave up and decided to follow my gut. Finally we found a money changer. And, that’s why I dedicate a picture to that experience. Travelling a is a funny thing. Everything and anything you plan will fail. Period. There is no point getting upset. The key is adapting and being open to changes. We finally realized the only way to get a decent set of directions was to ask in broken Malay. English didn’t cut it. My sister and I learned to Jaywalk by the end of the experience. Let me tell you. That’s a skill.


After battling with Murphy and his laws, we finally managed to get to our destination. GO KART! I always wanted to do it. Honestly, I’m skeptical about the safety. But the fun part was really fun! Image


I never enjoy travelling like a tourist. I love the backpacker’s way. Independently finding my own things to do. But sometimes, that never works. It’s really okay to get a tour the first few days. Because it gives you a bird’s eye view of what to see. Also, it allows you to study and observe the people. That can save you money. Because SHARKS are everywhere. They’ll make you pay like hell. After being ripped off a couple of times, we took a river cruise.



And that’s me. Less than zero style!



And that my friends… is a RICKSHAW. Its something I always wanted to try. We walked around so much, I knew the roads like the back of my hand. And then, there is Jonker Street. There was plenty of food and lots of opportunity to lose money on random crap. Melaka is known for food. But, for me I thought it was the opposite. Maybe, the shops I got to eat in wasn’t that great. But everything, including Jonker street was loaded with MSG. You could taste the diabetes in the drinks.

By the time, we were done with Jonker, we were out of Malaysian money. We didn’t have any money changers around. There was this little place at Jonker where they allow you to pray. Since, I am a fan of Kuan yin, I told her to help us find a way back to our hotel. Strangely, the cab driver decided to buy our Singaporean money. Luck!



So the next day, we decided to visit the oldest Chinese temple in that area. A kuan yin temple. ImageImageImage

And more temples. The best food I ever had in this region was at Saravanas. NO MSG. Wholesome food. Big Portions. They were surprised we could eat so much 🙂Image


The only few things I bought from Jonker was an iron man action figure, wooden gun and a batik mask. I have a habit of collecting masks from whichever places i visit.



And that’s Tony all tucked in.

The best part is we only spent a grand total of 120 for the whole trip. That’s pretty backpackerish considering the amount I used to spend in the past! Traveling is like a crash course on life. Everything and EVERYTHING will screw up. Keep calm and keep going. Be like water and never stay attached to anything 🙂



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