#Life and its mysteries

It’s funny. We live in a world where we crave instant gratification. We get things instantly. We want food instantly. Friends instantly. Clothes instantly. Success instantly. Love instantly. Yet, we are unhappy. Yet, we feel so unfulfilled.

But one thing doesn’t lose its charm. Life. You never know what it throws at you. That’s why we’re still in the game. Hoping. Fearing. Wanting.

So why create expectations?  When the rule is to expect anything or everything. Perhaps, we have to stop telling ourselves what we want to do in life. Instead, try asking what life wants to do for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

In the meantime, enjoy the game. Don’t use walkthroughs. Don’t use cheat codes. Don’t see how others are playing it.





One thought on “#Life and its mysteries

  1. Life is a really strange game. It’s like its rules and aim were hidden and we had to guess them. I’m not muslim but i like the meaning of “Inch Allah” (“if life wants it”). I also like the words of Laurent Gbagbo, an african president who is currently in jail because he wanted democracy and independance for his country : “Time is the other name for God”.

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