What if I tell you. Beneath the flesh and blood, we are robots. We were programmed to act and believe a certain way. No. I’m not talking about free will. I want you to take a journey with me. Back to your childhood. Back to when you were a clean slate. As a child, you were perfect. You could love, forgive and love again very easily. But adults decided to program you to survive in the real world. Now, these adults had good intentions. Maybe, not all of them. But you needed to be programmed nevertheless. You were assigned two Adults. These adults were the only sources of knowledge to you. You learnt to see the world through their eyes. And, you would do anything to please them. In return, these adults will smile at you. That smile meant the world to you. Pleasing your adults meant everything to you and it gave you a warm fuzzy feeling in your little heart. These adults had a name for that feeling. They call it love.

Now, not all baby robots are lucky. Sometimes, malfunctioning adults are assigned to baby robots. Some baby robots had to work extra hard to see that smile on that face. Sometimes, they get a different response. An angry response. It creates a prickly painful feeling in its little heart. The baby robot fears being abandoned. So it works even more harder to change that angry response to that smile. Now, that smile doesn’t come always. But once in a blue moon, that adult smiles. Slowly, that painful feeling turns to a warm fuzzy one. The baby robot believes this is also called love. But love is not easy to get. It’s like striking the lottery. You have to work really hard for it.

Some other baby robots have it worse. They have to take care of the adults. They want that warm fuzzy feeling so bad. But they come up with an idea, if they give that warm fuzzy feeling to their adults, they might actually get it back. So these baby robots pretend to be adults. Overtime, they begin to learn that love is not about getting warm fuzzy feelings. It is about giving warm fuzzy feelings to others. And, you shouldn’t expect to have these feelings back. It is selfish.

Then, they are those baby robots that have no adults. They have never experienced the warm fuzzy feeling others talk about. They learn to believe it is a myth. A fairy tale. It doesn’t exist. Love to them is like looking through a snow globe. You can see it. But, you can’t quite understand it.

Nevertheless, all these baby robots are being prepared to find what adults call – The Ideal Match.


Eventually, all these robots become adults and they are ready for the world. The healthy robots naturally pick robots that were similar to the adults they were exposed to.  Because, they were programmed to do so. They were hardwired to believe love is about respect, security and trust. It was a natural action. They gave warm fuzzy feelings and received warm fuzzy feelings back.

Now, the robots that had to work extra hard naturally picked adults that made it hard for them. Again, it was a natural action. These robots believe all adults are like that. So, when it doesn’t work with one adult, they pick another adult and then another etc. Because, it is not easy to receive warm fuzzy feelings. They were programmed to believe that.

But for the robots that had to take care of their adults, they did something interesting. They developed an X-RAY. This X-RAY is used to find adults that were still baby robots inside. So, these robots can take care of them. I mean, for them this is natural. Love is about taking care, being the mommy to an adult. It doesn’t matter if these adults can’t love them back. Love is about giving, isn’t it?

What about the robots that had no adults? They still don’t know what warm fuzzy feelings are all about? They hear other robots talking about it. They read about it. They even watch movies about it. Sometimes, adults take interest in these robots. They receive this warm feeling. But they don’t know what to do with these warm fuzzy feelings. Could this be what other robots are talking about? Nah. That’s a fairy tale. It can’t be. So sometimes these robots run away. Become confused. They even reciprocate these warm fuzzy feelings with hurtful painful ones. I mean. Can you blame them? They don’t know what to do. It wasn’t in the program.

This now causes an interesting chain reaction. The adults that get fed the painful feelings feed other adults painful feelings. It breeds.

But there is a solution to all this chaos.


2 thoughts on “#Program

  1. What is the solution? Find a way to forget the program? Maybe through meditation : let the universal love enter inside us and correct our program.

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