Interesting Thought Of The Day

Many a times we have complained throughout our life, that we have been trying to fit a square into a circle. We try and we try. Until one day, we throw these pieces up in the air in frustration. But take a moment and look up. Yes, up at the sky. You will find squares, circles and puzzle pieces of all shapes and sizes falling from the sky. Life is exactly that. It throws you a puzzle. One. Sometimes, few pieces at a time. It may not make sense at the moment. Heck, it may not even fit. But if you sit patiently and fit one at a time. You will see the big picture. You can’t see the picture from where you’re standing. But as you persevere in completing the puzzle, it will all make sense one day.

We can never make sense of life looking forward. We can only make sense of it looking backward.

Life is that kind of a puzzle.



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