Never good enough


I had to take a short break from dance for a while. Because I wasnt happy with myself. My choreographies were getting stale. And I was very frustrated. I needed something new and refreshing.

I am probably the biggest critic of myself. Im never good enough. I took a break and began taking an assignment. At least it forces me to improve

Sometimes it’s best to find something new to focus on. After a break.I could see what I was doing wrong.

My transitions weren’t smooth. I tend to rush steps. Because I wasn’t listening to the music. I just wanted to do impressive steps. My dance looks like a competition.
Lately after meditation and centering myself, I started to listen to the music. Let the music guide me. I found something more. There are so many tin
y beats to focus on. I started to like what I was doing.

It’s funny I always tell myself I can’t dance slow.

But if you let the music guide you….you can dance to anything.

I’m still learning…
I’m still learning…

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