A video update

Hi guys
I am sorry for the lack of updates. The venue I am performing at refuses cameras. The only time i get to video myself is either at home or when i’m doing shows elsewhere. Sigh. Its been a tough year.

I am trying something Id call micro belly dancing. I am trying to train myself into moving the smallest muscles in dance. I have always been a macro dancer with big movements. I want to try something more challenging and concentrate on the micro movements. Even though it isnt evident on a big stage. I do a lot of small space performances now. Which means it gives me room to do more micro movements.

I have finally graduated. And I’ll be in LA for six months.
This feels amazing because I will get to meet a huge community of dancers there.
I am looking forward to create a community that would hopefully protect dancers world wide.
I feel we have to change the current image and stigma attached to belly dance and recreate the image in a way that our community will be respected.

I have had my fair share of harassment. I am hoping to do something active about it than remaining silent. Wish me luck!

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