Short drum solo choreography

I needed to add fillers between long shows. So i thought I’d add a tiny drum solo as an appetizer before a hardcore solo. I decided to make this a little different. I decided to focus on other parts of the body this time – Other than the tummy, hips and chest. I realized hand movements can really frame a dancer. And hands is something I am not very good with. It stems from shyness. Hands, hair and neck can be an interesting touch to a drum solo. So decided to get creative about it.

I love drum solos and that is my strongest sequence. But sometimes we have to get out of patterns and add a bit of creativity. I like my drum solo style. And I plan to retain it, except start using facial expressions, hands and hair movements to bring some life. We have to be chameleons.  Sometimes when you perform at parties or restaurant gigs, people look out for showmanship more than skills. Skills are definitely important. But if you do not connect with the audience you lose out a great deal. I have changed my personality in dance. I learnt by smiling and making people laugh, we bellydancers appear less threatening. Thats how I intend to do future shows. It makes people happy. I have a sense of humor and I think its time I make it part of my shows.

Hope you guys like it. You are free to use this choreography, just be kind enough to link it to my channel. I am curious to see how others do it.



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9 thoughts on “Short drum solo choreography

  1. Drum solos definitely IS your strongest sequence!
    Once a great teacher & master said “You should know what your strong point is, and make full use of it”.
    So bravo ya!

    • Yes you brought a good point dear Katz. But i would also like to be flowy with the veils, fast with the zills and a super balancer of swords and canes. But its tough to concentrate on so many aspects isn’t it. Today morning i woke up thinking about it. We are getting better each day. Even if its just by an inch. I am sure we will be a master of all trades someday. Hopefully i do not become too old by then. Hahahahha. Your comment made my day.

      Because i was thinking of the turkish star dancers like Didem. She is only made to do wings, floorwork and drum solos which are her true expertise. But you hardly see her use cane, finger cymbals or even sword. The ibo show people are smart and capitalize on her strengths. Thats how we should prepare ourselves for show. Keep the best of our work as highlight and once in a while throw in something different.

      I still do veil, cane, sword and zills in my shows. To me its also part of practice. Nothing beats public humilation. So we will be frightened and do a good job. Its all a matter of time. Love u katz!

  2. Yes, of course i agree. I guess we’ll have to master it step by step…
    It’ll be AWESOME to finally master all!!
    We’ll be 55 years old & CPF is out, and we’ll be super poplular “Bdancing grannies” & rich !!!! hahaha!
    Think about it for a sec, it’ll be GREAT!

    Ok just joking but yes!
    I do feel esp. for being more versatile. We should be ‘flexible’ & able to dance with everything in the record of bellydance props! At least once we MUST try!
    And i like what u say “the best of our work as highlight and once in a while throw in something different.”
    I 110% second that idea! This is what i believe too!!
    It’s like keeping the zest in lemons!!
    I love how a tiny zest of lemon can change the whole dish completely…. Wow!! I am imagining that glory already!!!
    Lots of love to u too!!

  3. I have discovered your blog yesterday and i like it very much. I am happy that you can be yourself and that your art is a way to express it. I don’t know anything about dance, but i can see that you are expressing yourself and nobody else. I like your sensuality and what you tell us about yourself, through your movements, your clothings, your poems and the rest. I wish you to continue to be extraordinary, in the way you want to be it, and to inspire other people to reach themselves.

    Oh and the cat on this video is so funny ^^

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