Dancing in front of children….

Here’s a question I’d like to ask fellow dancers. How do you prepare for a show if you know children will be present.

I did a show sometime back and was not informed that children would be present. I had my usual outfit on. But when I went there, I felt awkward and wished i had worn something a little more conservative. Bellydance is a beautiful artform. And children are probably the most enthusiastic supporters. But i do feel naked around them at times and wonder if other dancers feel the same way I do. I still feel that i should be a little more covered around children especially if there is not going to be a big enough distance between me and the children.

As performers we have to battle different kinds of audiences. And children are one of the categories. I usually do funny things when children are at my show. They love miming and balancing acts. Most kids would come forward and try to balance the sword or the cane and they can be really fast learners. But i would probably be a little careful with my dressing if i know kids would be there.

Children are my favorite. They give you so much motivation when you dance around them. Michael Jackson once said that if children like what you do, then you are probably doing what you do really well. I usually look out for children. If they are glued to what I am doing…I have passed with flying colors.

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4 thoughts on “Dancing in front of children….

  1. Of course i have not perform for children shows but as a mother, if i am holding a party for my kids/teenager i definitely would appreciate for the dancer to wear a more closed-top. Which is much better so the children don’t “concentrate” so much on the TNTs and friends. (Haha) and we as adults don’t feel akward.
    But really, i feel if ever conducting a show for children, a spagetti top or equalvilant would be good.
    And kids love drama u noe… so a really big circle skirt would be nice, they go “wahhhhh” when u spin and make the skirt “fly”.
    If you use wings, the kids DEFINITELY would be hooked for sure.
    Drama! Drama! more Drama!
    Of cos if they is interactivity like making them clap to the beats at certain points of the song, they’ll love it!

    • I like the idea about big circle skirts and wings. They reallly would appreciate drama. I’d consider doing that. Maybe a gypsy style costume or a mermaid one. Kids would love that!

  2. Kyaaah! That ever happened to me and my sisters! What I would suggest is to throw a covered up top or a shawl that I can tie around as a makeshift top into my bag so that if something like that happens ever again, I can reach out for another top ^^

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