Ladies and Gentleman

Its here. This drill is one of the few secrets i use to gain flexibility in my upper body for performances. These are great for your upper abs and ribs. Those who are strugging with chest circles, try this, so that your chest circles will be much easier to do. I usually also do this right before a performance. Again my mantra is, do it for a whole 5 minute song non stop. Do it with variations. That is up to your creativity. Circles pops rib figure eights. These are great for a performance. Ive done it in big figure 8s. You can choose to do smaller. The reason i do it big, is to get my ribs working. The more i flex, the better. Enjoy! I’m going to add some useful additions soon.


Happy new year! I love you all!

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    Figure 8, Figure 8, Figure 8, POP!
    And i really love your isolation(s) cos did u notice ur head (neck and above) did not even budge! It didn’t move at all… noe that’s… PRO!! PRO!! PRO!! POP!!
    Sorry as always, I’m excited & ecstatic!

  2. Hi, I speak spanish, I live in Mexico, and i love you, thank you for your teachings, the figure 8 is great, i´m trying to do it cause bellydance is new for me . Thanks.

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