I am hardly offended by harsh non constructive criticism. But one hit me. Someone sent me a comment saying that i am cheating with the cane, and am not actually balancing it. They assumed that i am just bluffing. Well its quite easy to bluff in a home video. But not in front of a live audience. My video jerks because of crappy Imovie. It tends to digitize leaving certain frames. I’ll try my best to fix this the next time.

An achievement won’t quite be an achievement if you are fibbing. I don’t have to seek such attention. It affects me because its hardwork. The drum solo is all possible because we belly dancers use body isolations, and the head never moves. That should make sense why the cane doesn’t fall. Its no big secret. Belly dance is all about illusions. And that is what attracted me to this artform.

I’d like to offer so much more. Belly dance is an art that was accumulated all over the years. There are so many auteurs contributing, even till today. So why not us? The future generation has to learn from us.

One thing i am glad is that i pushed myself during my foundation years to master isolations. Ive known other dancers who started along with me, but never had patience and they would go on advancing to the next classes without mastering isolations. They claimed it would naturally come. Yes it would. But the difference between a good and a moderate dancer is your isolations. When your isolations are very good, you can do all sorts of tricks. Like what im doing. Isolation is key. Nothing is impossible. It looks impossible. But really, if you love ur art, it will come. Eventually.

I’ll like to tell you a story of myself. And maybe this will explain why i balance things so well on my head. When i was in kindergarten, we had a competition – called bean bag. Basically you balance this bean bag on your head and run, place it on the other side. You have a total of 5 bean bags on one side. You have to carry them on your head one at a time to the other side. Balance them on your head and run or walk. I used to try it. But failed. I just couldnt. Then my teacher pissed me off and said, “we need to take this kid out of the competition cos she is no good.” I was so hurt. That evening i went to my mom and said what happened. She trained me. And what followed was a sports training montage like they show in hollywood movies. I would balance powder tins, cups, toys, anything i can think of. I had one week to prove myself to my stupid teacher. And then the competition came. Lo and behold, i won no. 1. My teacher was so surprised. I could run/walk with those bean bags. And that was when i achieved my 1st trophy. It was gold. My elder sister is a runner and she has like 30 trophies, so i put my one and only gold one beside hers. Quite honestly ive only 3 trophies up to date. But well, i atleast have 3 lol.

The trick is balancing heavier things on your head or just about anything. If you try u can get there. Or just get someone to piss u off real bad like my teacher or the douche that thinks im tricking with the cane. Seriously….tricking with the cane sounds alot harder than balancing it on the head with the drum solo. Im no magician guys. Just a bellydancer πŸ™‚


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16 thoughts on “CANE/STICK DRUM SOLO LIVE!

  1. haha! i LOVE this post. Poor you! (About that teacher, now she knows! She probably still recognize u & stay in the dark corner if she sees u now!)

    Such a wonderful story!
    So inspiring!
    don’t take it too hard about that one criticism which irks u… u’ve written it all, i think the person is wrong!

    But the good thing is you PROVED him/he wrong! See!
    That’s what i really like about u… it’s like i said before, instead of feeling weak, u took it as another step-up stone & totally change the whole thing around.
    Now u understand why i called u “GENIUS”. I MEANT IT. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Khadijah. Sometimes its u guys that pull me up. Im really blessed to be surrounded by inspiring people like u. U made my day!
      Hugs and kisses.

      Yes you are right. Its all a stepping stone. Hold my hand, and lets step on πŸ™‚

      • Wow.. u r so awesome.. getting better & better.. i can see your improvements in each videos.. Way to go girl… i m so proud of you..
        Thanks for the post..
        Its really inspiring for me.. Yeah, u should definitely take criticism as your stepping stone to improve yourself..
        I m so proud of your achievements. For me there’s still a long way to go to reach there.. but i ll try my best.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Lol Hi Sabreena thanks for the blog post.

    KIDDING. this is ray here. For some reason i see Chin Eng’s name and email already filled in! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Hi chin eng.

  3. Tell that idiot that just because she can’t do it herself doesn’t mean that everyone else who can is cheating. In this situation its more like everyONE i guess since there’s only you HAHA.
    Also tell her that if your cane is placed on your head vertically and does not drop or move, then its fake. Obviously. hohohohoho

  4. Hello Sabreena !

    I think out side there is someone to critise always an artist like you.
    Please donΒ΄t be sad about that.
    I think they are only envious about your dancing.
    For me this video is so incredible .
    I love to see your movements and your your beautiful costume.

    Love you and your bellydancing , yor tummy and your bellybutton.

    Greetings from thomas

  5. Hi Sabreena,

    I think I read in one of your previous entries about wanting to start a bellydancing club? If so, sign me up! I take lessons but I would really like to do more, especially with girls around my own age (other ladies in the class are much older with family commitments etc). SO if you do set up the club, please let me know! It’ll be nice to practice together and stuff.

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