Its time to be merry. Cos i have done an achievement which was impossible and never done before. Yes yes i looked nervous in the video. The point is – I did a drum solo with a cane balanced on my head.

2 months ago someone said i am crazy. And now 🙂

Also im very happy that my teacher habibi pushed me with the cane. I always thought cane was too hard. Well everything has a start in life. Now im never leaving a gig without my trusty cane.


I have just started incorporating veil into my work. Not a very favorite piece of mine. I lack grace in it – in my opinion. I would want to do something wow in veil. I’ll probably working hard on it for the next few gigs. And i will make sure veil and cane are a part of my permanent routine in belly dance 🙂 The more u do it public, the better you become.



i know how to do all of this. But when i mean, i want to know, it means i want to be a master at it. Like how i work with the cane. I am to do NEW THINGS. Able to do NEW ORIGINAL THINGS– where people can say – Hey that’s a Sabreena’s thing. I never showcase a routine until im quite confident in it.

Finger cymbals are a desire of mine. Id love to walk in playing cymbals, dance while playing cymbals. And when i do, i have some innovate ideas up my sleeve. Though i can’t do it. My brain has choreographed 1000 of interesting routines.

Wings- i have so many songs choreographed in my mind. My lack of space really kills this prop. I need to buy a new one. Ha hA hA

Double veil, and Double cane. Someday Someday. I will not be a jack but a MASTER of all trades 🙂


I am going to LA. Most probably. I will choose LA over hong Kong for my internship


I wanna go to America to study from my favorite bellydancers 🙂

Id like to take a short belly dance workshop on American Cabaret Belly dance

I have Jenna in mind as she lives the closest. I own her DVD. And she rocks!

I want to keep upgrading.

None of this wasnt possible if my youtube family hadn’t encouraged. Id like to think that im a baby belly dancer that was born in youtube, and is growing in youtube. Im growing guys…im growing. 🙂

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  1. great.good luck all the way u r heading going to do my master degree in u know any famous bellydance class there?

  2. Hi Sabreena,

    It’s great to see that you’re always striving to perfect yourself. It’s your passion that makes you my favourite belly dancer. I just hope that when you go to study with others, you come away with new techniques, but not a different style. Almost every other belly dancer I have seen falls into one of two categories: either they are trying to be excessively seductive or sexy, which is actually unattractive and a bit vulgar, or they try to be too theatrical and self-indulgent, which ruins the entire presentation. When you dance, it’s for the love of the dance and it shows, and that’s more charming and entertaining than the fakeness I see elsewhere, regardless of the technique. So, don’t change or I’ll be angry with you! 😉


    • Thanks Claudio 🙂
      I agree with what you say, like belly dancers have a standard personality on stage. I shall heed ur words and never change it, I find it very difficult to do something i can’t fit into- esp the seductive part atleast. Thanks very much!

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