I’ve achieved a long time dream…

6 years ago, i watched Ansuya perform to Wael Kfoury. In my mind, i wondered if i could ever do what she did. I saw her do floorwork, bend backwards, and she shimmied from that position. I wondered to myself, “Wow how did she do that?”

I had no idea a human body can be capable of such things. I tried. But could not. It was tough for me. I had a knee injury as a teen, and was frightened as well. But deep inside my mind, i made up my mind. The day i dance to Wael Kfoury, is the greatest achievement i’ll do.

And i would listen to this song, on my music player, imagining how i would choreograph it. I wanted to do her shimmy part. And do everything else in a choreo of my own. I would imagine what all i would do. There were several failed attempts.

And now, i did it. 🙂

If there are few things i didnt like, its probably the veil work. I have to keep working on it.

Ive come to realize, if u dream, it can come true. Im proud of myself 🙂

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6 thoughts on “I’ve achieved a long time dream…

  1. Hello Sabreena !

    Every time i swa you dancing , i get hyptonized by your beautiful belly.
    I can imagine how long you have to practice ti dance and perform in this way.It takes a lot of disciplne.

    Your dance is love and devotion for me.
    Best wishes and love four your personality and your beauty.

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