Stick Belly dance (Cane)

I managed to do something which i think have not been done before. Doing a backbend while balancing a cane on my head. I was determined to make it happen, cos i love challenging myself. I started to understand the essence in belly dance and other gypsy artforms. We are all about tricks. Its like magic. To do something impossible, but its all illusions. This type of style has disappeared in our modern dance forms such as hip hop and contemporary dance.

Belly dancers must have been gypsies, where they solely relied on performance for money. (Atleast some of them) Therefore, they had to do things like this to amaze their audience. Example – balancing a cane or sword.

Sometimes i like to think of myself as a gypsy. Its a forgotten artform. But it really pays off when your audience love you. Its what aristotle says in the tools of storytelling – spectacle. This is one way to capture your audience. To do a spectacle literally.

I usually try to stray away from a certain style. I do not like conforming. I believe i dance many styles. But very less of egyptian. I am more towards turkish and perhaps even brazillian.

My point is, I have been taught cane. But its always a standard routiNE, Balance a cane, swing it, tease audience with it. So i wanted to see what else i can do with it. I usually do “dangerous” tricks for a dancer who is not super seasoned with a cane. What i mean by dangerous is, going up down the floor, and doing floorwork, where your cane can actually drop and it can look embarassing.

“There is nothing like public humiliation!”

And that’s my mantra. I wanna try challenging things, and the best way to do it is here. So if i fail, i’ll be embarassed. In other words, there is no room for failure.

I have now put cane as a part of my routine. People seem to love it. And i am getting better at it. I plan to stick with it until im an expert, and slowly incorporate veil. I dont want to do something for the sake of routine. When i do veil, i want the same reaction of awe i get from my audience when i do cane.

And i’ll slowly proceed to zills sword and wings ( i need to get a smaller one)

I believe in taking your time to be an expert before showcasing it. It always pays off 🙂

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One thought on “Stick Belly dance (Cane)

  1. Hi Sabreena, I’m sure you’re good with your cane performance for sure, good job once again. Like you said, “There is nothing like public humiliation!” Hope to see your new dance soon, like you said about zills sword and wings, I couldn’t imagine how good will you using zills sword to perform, but I’m sure you can do it, good luck, Sabreena!

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