After a long long long very long time time, i have come up with a home video. I have had many requests to a home video. Honestly, i never had the time. So i recorded one of my practise sessions down.

A few words in regards to floorwork.

Whatever you see me doing in this video, is very very difficult. And it hurts very much. It works alot on the thigh, butt areas. You need to have very strong core strength or build on it. I choose to wear this outfit because its easier for me to get on the floor. Also im using a yoga mat for practise sessions.

I would love to elaborate on the history of floorwork, but i have decided to save it for the next video. I am itching to share all that i have learnt.

Do not attempt to practise this without supervision. Alot of what you see i did, are the usual drills i do to give me flexibility before a floorwork performance. I was initially frightened to do it, because i had a knee injury in the past. But thanks to much encouragement, i am not afraid anymore. Floorwork in fact has prepared my muscles so well for belly dance, and given me the improvement i needed. I have gone to gym, did 1 hour worth of leg exercises, but nothing gave me leg muscles like a 20 minute floorwork workout gave me. Also ever since i did floorwork, my butt has become stronger enabling me to shimmy alot more longer and harder. The downsides to it are – it is dangerous. You might hurt yourself. And dangers that come with floorwork are frightening to think about – especially what it may cause to the lifespan of a dancer if done wrongly.

Another thing im proud of, is incorporating cane/stick into my floorwork routine. I had always been frozen with fear before a live performance that require balancing a cane on my head while going on to the floor. I realize in life, alot of things need pushing. Sometimes when you are afraid and think too much, and dare not to try new things, you will always be stagnant. I was afraid that i was not good enough or ready to do floorwork, dance with a stick or even do veil. But ever since my trainer pushed me, i am starting to realize that i can do anything in the world. I have some fabulous ideas in terms of belly dance, and i will like to share with all of you.

In the mean time, i will prepare a new video on the history of floorwork. I am going to share all that i have learnt. A little background and history can all motivate us to keep loving belly dance for the enchanting art that is ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you all for your support!


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  1. Knee pads are also a great way to train in floorwork to prevent knee injuries… totally agree, floorwork really tones and builds the legs I combine these exercises with Pilates!


  2. Go ahead teach us the history ๐Ÿ™‚
    I never thought belly dance has so much to it. Stupid entertainment industry, never gave it the importance it truly deserves.

  3. fantastic!! awesome moves, I couldn’t even dream doing such a single step. I am sure that with enough practice, you will become a pro in this one also.

    BTW, do you use the same cane in every show/practice? It kind of looks mundane compared to you and your dress.

    PS: previous comment was written before watching the video

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