Im back- waka waka belly dance malayalam version

Im back from Colombo, and this is my first show in Singapore ever since i came back. And also the first time watching myself do a show, after coming back from Colombo. And i was surprised. When my trainer said i was improving, i didnt believe him. But now i’d have to tell him, thank you. Cos for a short period, he really slapped me into shape. And if i had stayed longer with him, i would have become 200% better.

Even though he didnt teach me technique wise, he taught me showmanship, and finally my hands are up, and not awkward. I also danced to the cane. But im yet to upload it. I promise i will.

So im back here, and have shows lined up in the coming weeks. If you see me do floorwork, you have to thank my trainer habibi, if he didnt push me hard enough, i would never dream to go dance on the floor. Honestly, im very grateful to him.

I had practise severely before this performance for floorwork. And when i finally went down to the floor, the adreline rush helped cushion my knees, and i did not experience any pain. I went down smoothly. I only experienced aches after the entire performance. It really felt like an achievement. Some years back i told myself, the day i can do floorwork in a performance, that is the day i can pat myself on the back and say “Good job, and you have come far!” The day is finally here 🙂

This is the malayalam version of Waka Waka, By Liji Francis. Its from Kerala, an indian tribute version of Shakira. They werent trying to rip off the music, it was merely a tribute, because Kerala loves Shakira very much. And when football song from her came, they just wanted something that would be understood by them as well. You can youtube it and find it. Its called Laka Laka malayalam version.

I prefer this version, and being a Keralite if i dont dance to it, its bad! 🙂 So here it is. My tutorials will go up as usual. I dont mean to teach. I only mean to share my knowledge. Love you all so much!

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4 thoughts on “Im back- waka waka belly dance malayalam version

  1. Yes! A definite improvement in showmanship and styling. I felt such empathy for you in your discouragement and humiliation when first you started with Habibi. You gritted your teeth and stuck with it, and it has paid off one hundred fold. You may be very proud of your progress.

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