life in colombo

Sometimes i cant help getting angry at my belly dance teachers in Singapore. What have i learnt? When i thought i had? Here i am under training, 3 months to make a full proper show. My trainer, a lebanese entertainer of over 30 years, looks at me and says “You are only a beginner!”. I counted on my fingers the number of years i studied belly dance. 6 years! And yet i cant do a full show!

He tells me, that technique wise i have full potential, but i lacked the spirit, the showmanship. A belly dancer has to adapt to any surrounding, dance with props, veil, wings, cane, and make people dance with her, only then does she do a full show.

And when i think back, i am nothing. Well i can do a couple of drum solos…..

He says thats not enough, and people will get a headache.

I am getting used to what is called military camp of belly dancing. In eleven days, he asked me, have i improved?

Yes. I can do drum solos better, i can get audience to dance with me, i smile more often, and now i can do some floorwork.

Yesterday at practise, he told me to show him what i can do. I did some floorwork, and he told me to stop talking and keep doing. And i did. I went down atleast 5 times! I got up, and asked if i could get a break. He told me no, and dont get him mad and dance. I continued dancing. He gave me a cane and said, dance with it. I said i have no training, and whether i can look at some references. He said no. And do i started to do what he taught me. And to my disbelief, i could balance it on my breasts and my head, and i started to dance.

He told me i was shy, very very shy. And i feel it. I am a very shy person. My trainer is a good man, a good teacher, harsh but good. I can see myself getting there at a faster speed. What i couldnt achieve in 6 years, he got me to achieve in 11 days!

And he tells me, i am not a superstar. And yes, i am not. And i wonder in 3 months if i can be, I dont think so. But i have to break that shell and work hard. Habibi is a very good man, and i would hate to disappoint him!

He makes fun of me in front of his guests of my youtube videos \ “SHE IS TEACHING!”
I am enthusiatiast never meant to teach the wrong stuff, but god i have so much to learn.

I live with a model from liberia here. She is beautiful, and dresses so well. I get scolded occsionally for my bad dressing and makeup. So she is out there looking for me, making me a little more sexy,

Right now i am called THE HOUSEMAID! I am sorry i am unable to update youtube. I dont think i can. I love u all.

Blessed be


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4 thoughts on “life in colombo

  1. Wow! Reading it, i feel a mix of scared, amazed, puzzled and happy at the same time!
    What u did for 6 yrs, u cud achieve back in 11 days & possibly be a professional not only to trainers in Sg but also to the eyes of probably the world… in 3 months?!
    I wanna say don’t dismay, 3 mths is a short, short time!
    But the result(s) will be HUGE!
    I feel so proud to see that instead of getting discourage, u turn the whole thing around and get a kick-start!
    What a genius & what courage u have!

  2. And by the way, not sure if it’s OK to say that, I’m sure it’s more like you’re upgrading yourself for bellydancing in Sri Lanka-Colombo, although it’s a very strict training like what you said, but I’m sure that like what you said before, you wanna be a very outstanding bellydancer after your Colombo 3-4 mths training, and I’m sure you will be, Sabreena. I can’t wait to see your difference in 3 mths later, good luck, my friend. And keep it up with your good work!

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