The secret to a powerful shimmy

Just for the fun of it, here’s a video of me doing a drum solo, and a shimmy.

Shimmy is a movement that is generated from the vibration of the thighs and butt muscles. Different women interpret shimmies in different ways. The shimmy i do most often is the VIBRATION SHIMMY.

Many people have asked me how do i strengthen my shimmies.

Its pretty simple.

Since, shimmies are generated from the thigh and the glute muscles. One must do exercises that strengthen these areas.

Another way to be good in your shimmies, is to do the shimmy itself. I have told my readers frequently, that when you keep repeating a movement, it gets into your muscle memory, and it builds strength with time. One exercise, i do everyday, and still do, and believe in is actually shimmying as long as i can.

I put on a music that kicks up my adrenaline, and i shimmy till the song finishes. The song would be about 5 mins or less. But i motivate myself to keep going till the end, and also keep check on doing a strong shimmy all the way. At first, it is difficult. By one minute, you become exhausted. But as time goes, you can shimmy non stop 20 mins, or even 60 mins. This also builds stamina for long drum solos, and long belly dance shows.

Another method to build on your shimmy, like i said earlier, is to work on the areas that help you shimmy. There are a few ways to doing it


Try doing cycles, like the cross trainer, thread mill, and bicycles for an hour. I am 20 minutes on each machine. This helps in building your stamina, and strong thighs. Trust me, gymming for many years, has paid off well for me!


Ive once watched an useful video from Suhaila Salimpour telling how important these exercises are. Simply propping yourself on a wall to support your back, while you sit down, with your legs spread apart, and squeezing one glute after another, is one of the best ways to strength that butt. And ever since reading this, ive been doing it. I tell you, when you shimmy, you have such power!

Weight Belts

I don’t quite use it that much now. But it sure does help. You can try buying Delilah’s weight belts, which are tailored for dancers, which i highly recommend. Or if you are dirt poor like i am, get scuba diving weight belts and that will suffice as well. This helps add weight to your body, and while you shimmy your body adjusts to that new weight, forcing yourself to do with more strength. One thing i love about these belts are, once you remove them, you do the most powerful shimmy with lots of ease.

Other thigh strengthening exercises i recommend

Doing knee touch ups. With relaxed shoulders, and hands on your side, bend your knees, until it touches the floor, then stand up, and bend again. Do not use your hands to balance yourself, your hands should be in the side.

I certainly hope all this helps. If you work on something with determination or hard work, you would soon get it.

All the best!

Signing off,


4 thoughts on “The secret to a powerful shimmy

  1. Of course this will help so much… provided i have to squeeze some time for it hehehehehe! Thanks for sharing the knowledge!
    “Dirt-poor” really gets into my head hahaha cos it’s funny… true! i am one of the dirt-poor group!!

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