A new beginning…

This was one my drum solos during the marathon. I am already tired out at this point. I can dance non stop for an hour now. I am slowly trying to train  my self to do long. A good practise is by trying to shimmy for really long, and that grows your stamina. But one thing is, we have to keep our energy levels up at all times. I have some issues with it.

Some areas i would like to work on are my arms. My style of dance involves alot of hips and chest movements, but i think when you use your arms, it gives a more wholesome look. Also it is probably i still feel awkward at a point or so.

Another area i feel i should work on, is entrances and exits. I know there is a bellydance dvd on this. I would like to check it out. So it looks more powerful and complete.

Other areas i am venturing at the moment

I am beginning to fuse indian and belly dance all over again. I pretty much did a choreography which i might record, but i realized since it involved alot of travelling steps i might need a bigger space to record me.

And for your pleasure i shall post the video up here

This is a tamil version, there is a malayalam version which i planned to dance for. They both have the same tune, except in different langauges. I am pretty well versed in both languages 🙂

My indian dance teacher used to make us dance with little fire lamps as kids, and thats what i want to experiment with right now.

Also indian dances are much prettier as a group. But solos are possible but alot of work has to be done.

It has to do alot with expressions and gracefullness!

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