New drum solo bellydance choreography

Hello you guys. I know i have not updated for a really long time. I had been busy filming and editing my short film – The Flying Chapati. And the good news is my short film had been selected thrice, and i am hoping all goes well. Due to all this, i had no time to upload any new videos. Absolutely sorry about that. 

The video you see here is my new choreography to Hossam Ramzy’s drum solo. Its not that difficult – alot of 3 4 shimmies and upper body movements. I had been doing alot of upper body drills and it gives me alot of fluidity.


I had been getting alot of requests from people asking me to teach them personally online. I am not a bellydance teacher and learning online is different from a real class setting. But i just found an awesome method to make this happen.


Go to facebook. Search for Genieshanu. Become a fan. And you will be able to discuss, share photos, upload videos. That means i can get in touch with all interested directly, and facebook has privacy settings, so alot of girls dont have to be afraid of putting it up on youtube. 

And twitter for the small little updates –

I just want to make information more accessible. The only way i get in touch with you guys is youtube mails or my gmail, and things get very messy, and i even miss some of your mails. So i am hoping this method works well for all of us. My blog will always be here to share and teach. Just that i will be more easily contactable.

Apart from film making, i am going to start designing workshops. I hope to make a difference with these workshops. 


After some thinking, i realized that the best videos i can do is bite sized drill videos of my favorite drills. These will all be updated on my facebook. Currently i am trying to re arrange the way it looks.

I have some good stuff to share with you all. Before i sign off, i have a question for you guys.

How do you deal with guys who misbehave with you when you are performing?

Take care. Blessed be…


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3 thoughts on “New drum solo bellydance choreography

  1. You make that upper body work look so easy! and I know that it just isn’t. Heading over to facebook to join your group. Thanks for all the information and encouragement you offer.

  2. Hi there, it’s Chin Eng here, about that question, I guess it’s a very tough question. My opinion is that, I think whenever people think that you have a great performance, they usually will ask you to keep performing for sure, whether its outdoor and indoor.

    How about you, and what’s your answer?

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