The more i pursue my dreams, the more friction i seem to face. Being born an asian, let alone an indian can really be frustrating. I have decided to take  dance to the next level, not only am i accepting private gigs, now i have started to dance in restuarants as well. I need a place to perform. Not money, not to give cheap entertainment. The more i perform, the better i will be. I love the crowd, the music and the control i have. Most importantly, i just want to perform.

My family is unhappy with the whole picture. And so are friends. Some atleast. I never dance in front of them or show them what i can do. Its no point. No one understands it. They will never appreciate it.

People view Bharathnatyam as an art – Bellydance thats stripping! Is it so? The steps passion and patience to learn are equal in both arts. And may i just add that bellydance is far more difficult. I have studied both before, so i can say. I need not credit anyone.

I put alot of effort in my practise, i work my butt off. And guess what, i have no mentor or tutor to motivate me. Everything i teach myself nowdays. I have graduated from one dance school, i want to learn from more dance schools, be better at it.

People are afraid of what exactly. I have one life, and i can tell you that i dont have very much to live. Why do we all have to put on masks, and live for society. The society didnt come and console me when my brother passed away. When i was depressed, society didnt come and make things be better. Dance did! Why should i turn my back on an artform that gave me life.

You can never get married if you have such a reputation? Screw it. I love god, and god loves me. I am not afraid to admit it. I dont smoke drink or sleep around. Ive never done that, and i hope i dont. I can tell u im alot better than many who are wrapped up, and pretending to be saints. If a person loves me for who i am, what i do, then i would get married. If not i will marry dance.

My sister says, you are dancing to the wrong crowd – she has no idea by the way. Well not everyone is a michael jackson, and get a stage in one instant. Even he did small gigs before being somebody. Everyone starts off somewhere small. I need practise performing, and i get it here. I love what i do, and thats all it matters.

They are many people who wanted to tear down this blog and youtube channel. Well now i say, over my dead body!

You know what? Stop living life for others. Screw the sacrficices you made for people. Dont come and say i gave up dance cos my boyfriend doesnt like it. You are born alone. You have a ticking bomb on your head that says, as each minutes passes, you are walking to your grave. You are dying. We are dying.

Instead of writing a bucket list at the age of 70, and trying to desperately fulfill it with very little strength on your body. Do it now. Do it when you are 23, 9 or even 12. Try fulfilling every small thing u wanna do before u die. Cos when you are 70, its too hard. I have my bucket list down. And i am working on it right now. I wanna die happy, not have regrets.

My brother died when he was 32. I might die even now. So let me fulfill my dreams, dance till i drop dead.

And society….a big fuck you to u!



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  1. Good for you! It’s sad when belly dance is misunderstood, and it’s usually only misunderstood by people who have never seen much of it, don’t know what it is all about, and assume it really is the Hollywood stereotype. I’m a little luckier living in America where it is slowly gaining more respect and acceptance, but there are still those who don’t get it, or mistakenly think it is like stripping. Is Singapore pretty conservative?

  2. This is a powerful and moving statement. To me, it speaks to inner beauty and self-awareness radiating outward. I have followed your blog and videos for two years. You are coming into your prime, and although the journey is challenging at times, you are on your way to a better life. Please don’t change a thing. I wish you all the best for being yourself.

  3. @ Jade: Thank u Jade. Singapore is pretty conservative and not many people know or understand bellydance. They often mistake it for sleazy dancing,

    @Lisa: Thank you Lisa 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing, Sabreena. Seems like you’re very piss about the bellydance opinions that what people have give you so far. But like I said, I always support you whatever you’re doing, though we can’t control other people opinions, but what I do know is that, bellydance is your passion, and thanks for the picture that I sent to you, you really use that pic, hahaha!

  5. Just follow your dream girl and let people talk even if it’s not always easy to hear bad comments for your own family.
    When you will be ready to get married, you will find someone who will understand your art and will support you.

  6. I saw You at You Tube and I have to say, that Your dance is great and very energetic 🙂 I love way You dance-it seems You like BD and have great technique.
    Also many people in Poland think that BD is an erotique dance (lol). I hope that someday everyone at the World understood that all dance forms are Art, not only some of it…

    Sorry 4 my english 😉

  7. Well I agree to your point. And I see how tough it is for you.
    We all support you. But We ask you to be very careful and think wisely before you do any thing.
    Good luck girl

  8. I admire your guts!!! Congratulations!!! I hope you to be successful at what you want.
    Greetings from mexico!

  9. Hi sabreena, I thank you for your words, this is the same problem i go through with some society’s personal opinon and it hurts. No, its not easy, for me aswell, we’ll get targets and improvements but the thing we have to try without being bought down, i feel that im bought down right now and i cant control it, im studying hip hop now, it’s really good, trying lose off the weight on my legs, eww they are so fat! Go on and follow your dreams and just wanted to share a feeling with someone who inspires me alot with dance… peace!!!

    • Urmi you have always been there ever since i started this blog. I love reading your comments. Thanks for keeping me going girl! I hope you teach me hip hop someday!

  10. Wow….what a lovely and VERY expressive blog you wrote here! And, so sorry to hear of your brother and of Shanghai’s views on bellydancing.

    I still watch all of your youtubes as well as they’ve helped me a great deal in my on bd practice, and altho I live in the States – some here too believe and think that bd is somehow a ‘cousin’ to stripping. I can’t imagine for you but only hope that you can at least find good decent work while at the same time getting to perform more….YAYYYY YOU!


    • Dear sister bellydancer

      Thanks for your comment. Alot of people have a misguided impression of bellydance, and puts it in the same shelf as stripping.
      Its quite sad to know the situation is the same there as well.
      Thank you so much for the wishes. I wish you the same as well.

      Blessed be…


  11. Hie sabreena,

    i totally understand how u feel, m a bellydance myself..n im based in malaysia and im an indian! i face wut u face as well..all i do is to IGNORE and move on with my wonderful passion,and now, thank god, i’ve got my parents on my way.

    u have got awesome talent, neva let it go…:)..bravo on ur achievements n do more for dance..ill do my part…DANCE IS LIFE:)

    • I am so proud that there is another indian who pursues belly dance. It makes me feel very happy, and i am happy to hear that your parents support you! God bless you


  12. I admire your attitude and your strong bond with belly dance. I’ve just practiced belly dance for 2 months now. I started it with a friend who learned bellydance alone for more than 2 years. I see belly dance as a way for me to understand and nurture my physical and spritual body. I wish y0u all the best with your dream 🙂

  13. Can’t be said in better words. F*** the world.

    You are unbelievably inspirational. When ever I felt my life as a researcher was tough, I always found comfort realizing that people like journalists, writers and fine art practitioners have even tougher time doing what they love. Not that I personally know anyone in that profession but now I know you; a fine example.

    I always wondered how you made it, especially coming from India!! Now I know, you made it by sheer perseverance. Kudos to “Shanu; whose Belly dances with her” 🙂

  14. Dear Sabreena:
    Congratulate the desire to continue, remember that courage is not measured by the achievement attained but by how difficult it is to get …
    I hope that your path is successfully and you can find everything your heart desires ….
    in dance and personal life

    Yes we can! heart just keep trying and put your whole heart into it and one day someone can see how special you are.
    Do not judge people by their values ​​but by the value of bringing forward them ….
    many blessings
    from Peru
    Iovanna Bellydancer

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