Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are doing well. I have seen all the emails that you guys sent me. I had been busy with my final year, making a short film and i couldnt find time to upload. I had been doing gigs on and off, but its nothing like making a homevid. 

Ive been practising whenever i have the time. I hope everyone has a good year coming up. I am looking forward to it as well, trying to find my voice in dance.

I had thought of imitating dancers or being good as a certain dancer. But sometimes, looking inside us is what makes us unique. I tried the hair turning thing for this dance. I know that it originates from zaar bellydance. But i decided to personalize it a little, move away from tradition and give it a new oomph.

I would upload the ideas that i have in dance. I always love fast drum solos. And i think i will always be a fan of that. Im cool with slow…but its not me.

I have my own new year resolutions…and i would share them with you as well

-being more organized

-Keeping fit -Gym Swimming and Bellydancing

-Taking up more classes and workshops

-Taking opportunities as a film maker

-Most important;y, looking at things positively!

-More Feng shuing of my house – Ive began to fall in love with that

I also now have adopted a cat…kitten actually…Her name is MIAM!

I hope everyone enjoys the new year and have fun. Now i can safely say, i will be back with more videos!

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  1. Haha! Oh Gosh that was REFRESHING!
    Happy new year to u too! Although i haven’t be ur FB fan yet, i’ll like to in the nearby future.
    And ur pic at the end of this post is 1 of the best.

  2. looks like u are learning fast.
    I have been following you. First Time I am commenting.
    Happy new year.

    I have a suggestion if U take it.

    While you are dancing and blogging Why Don’t you write about some of the technical stuff about the dance you are learning?
    Like the name of the steps you have learned or you have performed kind of thing.

    Thanks for all the writing and Dancing.
    I Wish I can dance a least bit like u guys do.

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