This is a simple choreography i did for bellygrams. I did not use very complicated moves. Its basically lots of 3 4 shimmies, undulations and some free styling. I ususually dont choreograph to precision when it comes to egyptian pop, especially when doing bellygrams, because when dancing for people, alot of things can change. And it just makes the dance more interesting to them. If you know the music really well, then this shouldnt be the problem for you. And yeap bellygrams except us to smile all the time… Talking about bellygrams, it always makes me wonder. I had always done egyptian pop songs, or arabic pop songs. But living in Singapore, where we are open to western, indian, chinese music, arent we bellydancers suppose to also dance for such songs for our audiences…Thats just a random thought. But most arabic songs are pretty tailored for bellydancers, you have the drums there. Perhaps you can try your luck with indian music, you have the tabla there…

and somehow music style or structure is pretty much the same. I notice this about arabic and indian song. I dont know how to say this in english….So i’ll write my own english translation.

An indian song is made of paragraphs and intervals

Song core (the song starts…e.g here oul tani keda

1st music Interval (music)

Paragraph 1 (in this song it is…enta meen fil hawa w fil shou)

Song core (Back to oul tani keda…)

2nd music interval

Paragraph 2 -el gharam lessa badri alaik

Song core (oul tani keda)


This is very similar to how the indian song structure it, with pallavi and charanam…and most arabic songs also seem to follow the same structure. This structure is not seen in western music…This is why perhaps indian music takes 5 minutes 😀 Knowing and memorising song structures have been useful for me, especially in choreography. I choreograph in parts 🙂 Anyways, thanks for reading. Please do credit me if using this choreo and post vid responses is any dare to…Take care and peace Sabreena

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  1. Hmm, actually i’ve seen a few doing Indian Bellydancing with Bollywood songs, u noe!
    Very interesting and so… Bollywood! hehehe

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