For some reason, i can never get anyone to camera this choreo well enough for my performances. So here it is guys! I know it looks awkward cos of my feet, i did it cos some dancers wrote to me they wanna see my feet to learn from. Hope that helps.

Also i tried something out. Closing my eyes and bellydancing. Becos i wanted to feel the music. It helps me concentrate better.

People always tell me never to write personal thoughts up on a public blog like this. But i guess this is the only venue where anyone actually listens to me. I had been thinking alot lately about my career and what i do. And it struck me pretty bad on what people around you value you as. Its just not bellydancers, any form of artist i guess. People think you are a sort of public property with no feelings of your own. Sometimes it saddens me. People viewing you as a sex object. You cant change what people think of you. But i am allowed to write out my thoughts. Sometimes i wonder and fear alot about that. These are some of the nightmares i face with my work.


Once someone asked me about starting a bellydance career. Stigma comes along with it. Especially when you are young and you are doing this on your own. It does hurt me pretty badly. Sometimes i feel rather alone. It seems pretty cool to many that i fight against a closed society and dance. But really, you are left alone. People who choose to stick with society, applaud you. But in reality, they would never do what i do. And that makes me feel isolated.

Dance makes me very happy. Performance makes me even happier. Seeing my audience. Honestly, i live for my dances. I dance for myself. Its not about looking good, or being the center of attention. Its for myself.  I donno if other dancers go through what i go through….but this is what i feel…even with friends and relationships…sometimes you wish people viewed you as one of them…and not as something else….

Even though i had  felt uncomfortable with the strictness in indian classical arts, i felt the strictness taught by the teachers give students almost a religious-tic love and respect towards the dance. The aim for perfection too comes from there. Many of modern dancers have become way too casual with what they do. So much so people developed the mindset that bellydance is something casual. Sometimes we dancers are not called up for formal dance festivals, in fact most of us get our jobs from wedding dinners and parties -the question of entertainment arises. But entertainment is also just not shaking your hips a little and making everyone happy. There should be a strong balance between good skill and entertaining people.

One form of entertaining people which is emphasized alot among dancers is – smile smile smile, look at them, address them, sometimes dance with them. But there are other forms of entertainment too. I am not saying there is something wrong with smiling. What im saying is, bellydance itself is astounding. Its like magic. We can make audience be in awe. And maybe more dancers should touch on that by showing off marvellous skills-making people wonder -can our human body be capable of this?

Thats what i wish more dancers will touch on. One good example of such a dancer is none other than Rachel Brice. She is VERY ENTERTAINING-she doesnt smile at all…but every one in the audience got eyes on her.

We can do the same with other form of bellydancers – drum solos as well are pretty fascinating stuff. My fav step which always makes audience go woah is floating around in a long skirt with choo choo shimmies…thats my fav step…I stopped using it in later performances…but i decided i will bring that cute step again…

My opinions on costuming is changing. For the better actually. Maybe wen i get an ensemble of one, i will talk to you guys about it. Always be unique…thats the only way you will stand out…and thats what i try to do always…

Take care



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  1. Hi Sabreena
    you are an amazing artist , an inspration to us all! please do not let anyone tell you otherwise !
    Keep up the good work and do not worry about prejudices our society is filled with them unfortunately… May be one day you get the chance to go to a country where people are less judgemental? the better dancer you become the more doors will open to you.
    Hope this helps.. take care my friend ..Ilhamxxx
    ps ; Will be ever so grateful if you can give me the name of this song and the other song you used Daniel and yourself for Duo ?
    How do you lift and drop your chest when your arms are up? my username in facebook is orchidette.
    Thanks ever so much !

  2. I love your dancing. So beautiful. Never give up your dream. I was reading your post about dancers always smiling and I feel the same way you do. I don’t think it’s always necessary for each dance. Some dances speak for themselves. The body smiles on its own. It looks rather silly when someone is doing a very slow and sensual dance with a big goofy smile plastered on their face. Good luck with your dancing and I know that you will make it far!

  3. Sabreena, I have been watching your videos, never give up your dream. Your passion is examplery and very gracious.
    I have a suggestion, wear a little smile. it expresses how much you do enjoy yourself.

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