I haven’t really started dancing yet….

I haven’t really started dancing yet. I just learnt that not really long ago. I thought i was dancing. But i dont think i can call that dance. Performing is a ritual. There should be magic in it. After meeting some bellydancers from Singapore. I realize there is a big difference from a PAID entertainer and a artist. Paid entertainer dance around the audience….an artist makes the performance from where she stands. I dont like going around and performing. Where i stand is where the performance is. And if its good enough, people will turn and look. Then you as an artist have passed!

I changed a few strategies. I dont know if its making any difference in this video. But i told myself i will be better. But as i look in the video. I feel a little disappointed. Especially with my 1st performance. But i did like my 2nd performance better. Just a little more. 

I began to realize that i didnt take dancing seriously yet. I have to. Its like when you are performing….you have to melt into what you do on stage No thinking should be done. No worrying about steps. Its just like acting. If you are thinking while you are acting, you can’t deliver your character. 

You get the adreline rush….you melt….you address the audience. There are no instructions. This is why i hate choreograhies. I have a problem in following rules. I concentrtae on the rules more than the actual dance. 

Drum solos…what is a drum solo….you become the drum….thats what you aim to be when you are on stage. I am tired of dancing that seduces and pleases people…people should be in awe….bellydance is like a magic trick…it makes people amazed….thats how it should be performed…you become all the instruments….you become all the music…its not you competing with the music and getting all the steps…ALL THAT should be done in rehearsals!

Its the intention. It has to change. You should grab a certain power when you are on stage. And become IT. Then your shimmies everything will become powerful/ Make use of the adreline rush given to you when you walk into that stage. I saw a significant difference among audience in the 2nd performance.


I love performing alot….you become someone different….And i think if you consider each dance as religion….then you will see the difference i am aiming for.




                       -SABREENA SHANU

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