Hello people. Okay time i am fulfilling a request i got several times from RVSAID1989. I am sorry i took some time. I had been busy with filming…i think some of you know that i recently started a production company, and it takes alot of my time. So i am commiting myself to posting tiny bits of information for you guys.

So well nothing much quite to say here. I am just updating stuff with you guys. So here in this video i am just basically breaking down a move. And do post responses back. I am not a professional teacher, but i might just be able to tell you whether it looks right enough. 


I don’t usually watch my old videos or anything i post on youtube. Because….I’m shy. Lol. So when i was preparing for a performance, i had to look at my old videos. I was watching the first Sahra Saidi drum solo i did. 

It was hmmm….When i look back, i think ive improved a fair bit. And i realized how important drilling is and how much it can help. Last time, moving those hips was not that fluid for me honestly. Sometimes i end up having muscle cramps. I have to thank all those drilling sessions i had. Its the same old Mantra i tell you all the time. Dance that step throughout that song. Well thats what i do atleast. Alot of us don’t have the patience to see ourselves grow. We want results instantly. Honestly thats not going to happen, The more we try, the better we be. Thats why ive to thank alot of those who gave me comments and feedback on my dancing. Feedback sure makes a difference. I am still looking forward for all your feedback.


I am NOT over this man yet! As a kid i used to watch him…i grew up looking at him. And he inspired me in many ways. I used to remmeber dancing late at night – Not bellydance…But whatever i could imitate off him.

Well, he is good human too….He was so humble and helped so many…


Something more interesting i want to share with you people is the things he taught about dance. I was reading his biography and watching his interviews. He mentioned something about becoming the instrument when you dance….the worst thing a dancer can do is THINK…and to just feel your way through. And ever since that, i did just what the guru said. I became the drum for my latest performance. I was so sad about him, i thought of him and danced lol…Like a tribute to guy you grew up listening to. And i can tell you, i felt the difference. I am all excited to post  info video about all that we bellydancers can learn from the king of pop. He can never be forgotten. God bless him. And god bless you all as well. Take care guys!

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