bellydance practise with weight belts

So here i am back with weight belts. There’s been a long enough dispute on whether weights are safe or not. I used my trusty scuba diving weights all this while. Ive used it for nearly a year. And im totally fine actually. I guess im a living example that weights are not dangerous after all. But there are still safety concerns. If used incorrectly, definitely it will cause you harm.

I like weights because it gives me extra challenge that i need. All of us wants to progress faster on the dancing scale. So thats my main reason to use weights.

What improvments do i see on myself?
Definitely i learn faster. Isolation is perfected faster with weights. I use it solely for isolation. My muscles get stronger. It seem to help layering too. I don’t know how. It does give alot of extra oomph in your workout. So it benefits you in building your abs.

Usual questions i get regarding weights?
Does it ache?

Does it help you lose weight

Is it dangerous?
Not for me atleast.

Can regular weights work?
Yes. But you can still get the fancy ones if you can afford it?

How do I use it?
From what i hear. Make sure you have even amount of weights on both sides of your hips. Then just go on drilling.

Where can i buy weights?
Scuba diving shops, Ebay. Special bellydance weight belts.

How much would it be?
In singapore it comes up to 30. Its pretty affordable here.

How regular should i practise with weights?
As much you want.

I was very much worried to just go on recommending weights. So initially, many months back i decided to experiment it on myself to check if it would have any drastic effects. I do have a responsibility over my viewers and i wouldnt want to recommend anything that could cause harm.

But after so many months of use, i think and i believe its safe. It seems safe on me.

But before i go, dear comrades let me just leave you a qoute regarding weightbelts that my grandmother told me before she passed away. Actually her last words.

“With great responsibility, comes great abs”

Im serious. Just be responsible with your weights. If you dont secure it well or don’t practise reponsbiliy around weights, you would eventually lose your hips, belly, intestines and all other body parts. 


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  1. Hi, it’s Chin Eng. I bet you still keep that in mind of what your grandma said. Once again, good work of your weight, I guess it’s hard for you at first.

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