Belly flutters attempt 1

I am back with a home video after a super long time. I had been really busy. I finally managed to squeeze out flutters so i decided to post it. I couldnt do flutters at all. I decided to dance to a random indian 80’s song cos i kept listening to it. I am not actually dancing to it. I edited to it 😀

What are flutters?

Its sucking in and out the diaphram. Or like some people say The first muscle. The one between your rib cage. Its not easy to do it at 1st. To me its harder than the belly roll. But the belly roll sure does train your stomach to do flutters.


How does one practise to do flutters?

It took me nearly a year to learn this setp on my own. I kept looking at dance dvds that teach me this step. Unfortunately i cant recommend you any one at the moment. Many just demonstarte the step and tell us what muscle to do move. So what i do is lie down on my bed, facing the ceiling. And i suck in and out my diaphram. Its alot easier when you are lying down.

Then i put one music and flutter according to the beats. Flutters also make ur belly rolls look better. I flutter to a whole song as usual.

I once heard Yame a fellow dancer felt one should just do a certain amount of repetitions.  But i just prefer doing it for a whole song. For me, its easier for my body to recgonise and get used to the pattern. A little time consuiming. But works for me.

Emails and songs

People have resquested songs from me. Unfortunately, Gmail sometimes fails to send it over. I apologise for that. But for those who got it, lucky you!

But dont hesistate to still message me. Gmail’s a little cranky at times on me. So maybe sometimes you might just get lucky. 

Updates about me…

Im learning cane bellydance. My teacher is awesome. She makes sure no one whacks anyone in the rpocess of dancing. Cane is pretty fun. But im not good in it. I have to PRACTISE!

I also lost my rabbit Panda who is nearly 9. The one one my youtube page with sundari. He passed away of old age. It has been hard.

Before i go, some bellydance makeup that ive been practising



I used mac carbon and club on the 2nd pic.

The 1st one is alot simpler. 2 dark sjadows from body shop. I perefr simple makeup for bellydance. So tihis are some choices you can tink of 😀

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  1. heeey sweetie!!

    Oh I am so so sorry for your rabbit!!

    It is SO hard losing a pet!
    I am still crying over my guinea pig which I had from my age 12 to 17!
    Now I have a lovely Burmese cat.. will be even harder coz he s SO affectionate and intelligent and talkative!

    I love your make up!
    Maybe you can do a video on how you apply it? it looks so much different on you than when I try it!
    Does the body shop makeup stay on?

  2. Hi! It’s Chin Eng here, I saw your blog and as you mentioned in youtube, I bet you took a very long time to practice your new bellydance move, right?

  3. Hi! It’s Chin Eng here, I saw your blog and as you mentioned in youtube, I bet you took a very long time to practice your new bellydance move, right? Anyway, good work on that.

  4. Hi!! Your bellydance is so awesome. I was into dance two years ago, and you inspired me to just dance at home, in front of my computer. so funny. (:

    Thank you. (:

  5. Hi, sabreena. I like your choice. lol , i use different looks. Im also into hair, makeup and fashion too. Awesome! x its kawaii.

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