Hello guys. How have you been? I have just uploaded a dance i did for a private belly function. Its oul tani keda by Nancy Ajram. The audience was just awesome. The space was pretty small but i managed somehow. I have been really busy with shoots and therefore the lack of homevideos. I am planning to show you guys the choreography of this song. Its pretty easy to work with and learn. I would rate it intermediate actually.

Spacial reality 😀

I just thought of bringing this up. People perform for gigs not quite knowing the amount of space they have to work with. If you know, thats great. If you don’t know just learn to expect the unexpected.

Many of us choreograph. Some of this choreos do have lots of spins and turns or just dance on the spot. When we realize a lack of space, it does get a little disorientating. But we all have to learn to work with the space given or just improvise. I know this sounds very basic. But i guess its imporant for those who are just starting to perform.

So what do i do?

Well its hard to say, unless you know exactly where you are performing. The best you can do is to ENQUIRE. Ask them where exactly you are performing. Some weddings provide you with stages. Smtimes they are big…smtimes just small.

I usually go by guessing

If i hear there;s a stage, i would enquire how big it is. Or when i take a look at it before stepping, i make a mental calculation on how big my steps should be. 

Private birthdays

This one…you can expect a tiny spot. You might want to do away or minimize your spins cos if you are gonna spin, you’ll sure hit someone.

Small stages

You can have spins and turns here for sure, Just make sure you dont spin out of the stage

Sometimes your audience would gather around you in a circle. So its important to do steps facing them all. Rather than just the front audiene getting the best of your dance steps,

Being a dancer is not easy. Its all about adjustment. Sometimes the music can just stop halfway or things can just happen. It has happened to me twice. Its how you mask it and move on. Its hard to concentrate on alot of things. But just it let it loose and be mindful of your audinece. Try to give your 100%. I cant say this was my best. But we just have to work around it. 

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Keep your questions coming in…



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  1. Hi Sabreena, it’s Chin Eng here, nice blog that you wrote, I bet you had been thinking a lot before you wrote this blog, hadn’t you?

  2. Just found your site – great stuff, really enjoying browsing through and watching your videos. thanks for the hard work. 🙂

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