Hi guys

Well this time im back with a very different video. Not the usual bellydance. We are joining a SRK Dance PE cHANce contest where we have to do our own choreo for a bollywood song. My sisters really got excited. So i decided to try it out. I cant do much cos they arent trained dancers. They really did as mmuch as they could. So i had to simplify steps as we had a lack of time.

dO Rate comment and vote for us. Atleast for my sisters attempt. We did have a lot of fun doing it.

Some stuff i tried

Well whether its a contest or not, i do still have some stuff to share with you. Some time back, i wrote here that indian dance involved  facial expressions. Example, Bharathnatyam tells a story true gestures and facial expression. Gothic bellydance adopted that as well.

Well here, i just decide to use animated expressions. Expressions can be a choreography! People always tend to think dance is about moving body parts. But nope. Its about expression. And expression can come from any source. I wish people will involve more emotion and expressions for bellydance as well. It will bring dance to a whole new level.

Doing cute stuff always works as well. Its about being you in your dance. I would uplood more belly home vids soon. So please watch out for it,

Happy Shimmies!!!


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  1. Hi sabreena this video is fun to watch! Let me know when you’ll be performing with your sisters and I’ll see if I can come by to support you. Cheers!

  2. Hi! it’s Chin Eng, Anyway, will you have any dancing performance with your sister together? I will love to be there too, let me know once it confirm.

  3. Hey! That was good! It was very cute and funny! It did actually seem like a bollywood film. I know this is probably weird, with all the great choreography, but I really liked the part where your skirt rose to your hands. I guess its the animator/video editor in me that likes video effects. 🙂

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