Bellygram at Carlton

Hello there. Ive been uploading my performances recently. I am yet to do a home video. But before that I do owe Tommy a video. So just waiting for my messy life to clear up so i can do a good one.


Well this was hell of a bellygram. Becos i cracked my toe nail from a bad fall few hours before this dance. It hurt really badly. N the bleeding was pretty bad. I was worried that i might not even be able to walk. But as they say, “The show must go on…”

So behind all the smile, there was excruciating pain. I managed to conceal it pretty well.

I had done this dtum solo several times already. I realised when one keeps doing the same drum solo, you are able to hit all the beats.

As a dancer, i really wish to perform a fresh new choreo everytime people see me. But doing a choreo you are used to, makes you the master of the dance.

So i guess ive to tell myself not to be too hard about making new choreos.


When we are used to a certain choreo…we dont think anymore. When we are on stage, we cant think about our next step. We should be free. Doing a choreo you are comforatble with, makes you more expressive with your hands, face and interact better with the audience.

Working on stuff to help dancers

Ive met many dancers who give up bellydancing after sometime due to problems or society. Its pretty sad that people do not understand the suffering behind an artist. Bellydance is not eye candy. It takes so much of effort to bring up a performance. Many dancers dance for the adreline rush and magic they get on stage. Thats what i do. The feeling is amazing.

I am ot sure if i am ready to take up requests yet. I am waiting for my busy schedule to lighten down a little.

Thanks for being there for me. Happy Shimmying!

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