Comedy POV video

My lecturer uploaded this. So here it is. I didnt want to upload this because one of the actresses didnt want it online. Well the school has put it up, so i have conveniently embedded it here. Ive experimented with comedy and visual elements. I dunno if comedy and bellydance goes well. But well…lol 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Comedy POV video

  1. hi sabreena this video is hilarious! i esp loved the part when both the father and mother argue and when a cool friend strums a guitar, saying omana kutty juice. Looks like you’re not just good at dancing but at acting too!


  2. hi Sabreena, I really like your video. It’s very simple but very expressive, it’s beautiful and at the same time funny. Good work.
    I hope your wish came true.

  3. ha ha ha ha ……… awesome story 🙂 Simple, funny, and true; as the French say, “oh la la”

    Hey I have an idea, will tell you tmw, now I really really need to go and sleep; got 2 go 2 office tmw.


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