Bellygram Performance

Hello i am back again. Sorry ive been away some time. And i couldnt do my home videos of my bellydance. I had been performing for the past month. And i hardly found time to make a quick home video. So now im going to upload some of the performances i did.

I am happy to see your support. Ive read the messages and the comments. And i feel alot happier when i see them. It just makes me feel that i am doing better and atleast there are people who appreciate what i do.

Ive read requests to teach bellydance online. I do not mind doing it. But i am no professional teacher. I do not mind at all to help. But its very important to get a professional teacher to help you with your dance.

Its nice of you guys to support my filmy stuff. The feedback was very useful so that i can know whether my use of visuals has bee good or not.

My next video

I would want to do a video centering around problems faced by bellydancers. These are based on my own experiences. So its not super accurate. But it had always been my concern. Many dancers are stereotyped in a certain light. And i would like to express that in my video.

What i have learnt?

Sometimes when we choreograph smtg, we feel really good about it. But as we keep dancing it over many occasions, we get bored of it. I usually love changing my choreographies everytime i get a new performance. But lately due to lack of time i couldnt. But i learnt that, the more you keep practising a certain choreography the more perfect you would be. This applies to drum solos. I found i was able to hit all the beats accurately.

Drum solos remind me of Dance Dance Revolution sometimes. You cant miss a single beat. I am also pretty much against strict choreographies. I usually do skeleton choreographies. Its just meant to be a guide for me. Dance is about expression and relating to your audience. If you choreograph too strictly, you will be concetrating on ot missing the next step.  you lose the connection with your audience

I learnt a few other things. Asian audiences really prefer the dancers on the stage. They do not like it at all if you come too close. Ive learnt how to keep my distance.

The moment you sense they are uncomfortable its best to pull away as soon as possible. If not it wil not create a good impression.

Apology to Tommy

Dear Tommy im sorry i couldnt do your video yet. I am waiting for my busy schedule to get less busy, so i can work on your music. I feel like i should work on it more, rather than posting something random.

Arms and postures

I really feel that practising with wings gives us more confidence with arm movements. I feel very restricted in where to place my arms during drum solos. Imagining having a veil or wings kinds of helps me at times. It makes my hand movements alot smoother. But i realise it has lots to do with comfort and confidence. The more comfortable you are with a choreo or a song, the more freedom n ease you wil have in concetrating on your arms. Bellydance is alot about multi tasking. So it gets very difficult to concentrate on your arms when you are moving numerous other muscles.

I had been experimenting with a flamenco skirt lately. It is pretty neat actually. I am going to learn flamenco bellydance soon. So it would probably add on more weight to my dance vocabulary. I still also make it a point to do drills few times a week. Never give up drilling, it just makes you a better dancer.

Do continue supporting the film making aspect of me at

Maybe in the future i cn make more filmy stuff related to bellydance.

Take care


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2 thoughts on “Bellygram Performance

  1. Hi Sabreena!

    You did a great performance at that time, although you were not in the good mood but you did a great job, have a happy new year!

  2. hey sabreena. good peformance in the dark and yeah i was suppossed to belly dance for a wedding but they cancel me dancing for them 😦 (lol). I like your perfomance bye

    from urmi. 😀

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