Zara Zara bollywood bellydance

Hi everyone

I am back again this time with a music video. You guys are aware i study film. A group of film makers and i are launching our very own production team called CAMERA-STYLO PRODUCTIONS. We are film makers who write with our cameras.So this video is one of the 1st i decided to put under our production team.  More from the others will be coming up. Please support us @ our blog

We do videos, short films and write articles. You can cotribute your reviews and articles at

This vid?

It was part of an assignment from my lecturer. He came up with this cool idea of shooting anytg uder the sun. He gave us freedom to do anytg! So i decided to make it like a mini short film. Unfortunately due to some problms from the co actress i cant upload it. She mite change her mind if she sees your responses.

So with the extra footage i decided to weave it into a music video. Film makers are like tailors…any footage can be changed into new designs.

Thankful to all of you!

Just as you guys support me for my bellydancing…do support the films we do as well. Ive been doing pretty good with my dancing. I had been performing for past 3 weeks and would share all the videos with you.

This video

This was the 1st time i danced with wings of isis. Hmm i wasnt taught how to use it. But i watched many vids on it and did what i thought they did. Some of my good friends camped overnite to get some of the shots here 🙂

Wings of isis is fun to manipulate but i believe i have to be more graceful and smooth with it. I believe it certainly helps our framing of hands and veil work. iT also teaches you gracefulness and how to spin smoothly. The only problem is you need BIG space to practise wich i dont have!

The life of dancers

Well to be honest ive lost more friends than gained after strating all these. Many of my close friends dont even know i do this. So sometimes they find it hard to accept me for what i do. I believe in the intentions of things. If you intend to be vulgar n get attention of men. Yes your dance will become that. If you intend to dance for youself, you will only dance for yourself.

I believe that society has become all about what you wear. If you are a bellydancer you cant have conservative thoughts or religion. I shall be selfish enough to say i danc for myself. N i believe alot in what i do.

This is an issue i would like to focus on. I dont know if other dancers face this. Some of my friends accept me for what i do…but yet they wouldnt want to be associated with me or would never want to do what i do because what the world will think of them. N there are people who want to be associated with you for what you are.


Also when you represent yourself in public you have to be careful. Especially before and after a performance talk with who you need to talk to. Striking coversations with strangers may not be a good idea for your safety.

If someone tries to talk to you, be friendly and move away. Also cover yourself before and after performance. I dont like walking semi naked and i think its rude. Cos asians find it very very rude.

Sometimes you can get unwanted calls. Just divert them off to pizza hut. It works for me! Atleast they’ll make an order. Or divert off to SPCA. Possibily a police station would be perfect! Im serious!


I’ll be posting some of my performances for the next few weeks. Do check dem out. Subscribe and leave comments 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Zara Zara bollywood bellydance

  1. Hey, fantastic video! I loved the took me a while to realize that you were reversing some of the footage. 🙂 Also the silhouette against the sunset was gorgeous.
    Is it a cultural thing in India that bellydancing is a “low” hobby or profession rather than an art? Here in America, as far as I’ve seen, it’s respected as an art form–but then I live in an area that is very respectful of diversity.

    Thank you for your art.

  2. Hello Ben. Asian societies still dont quite approve of it. I do have friends who are concerned about my reputation. And there are people here who also look up to you for what you do. So its a mixture. But they defiitely do not get the respect they get from western societies.

  3. Hey sabreena! i loved this music video. Aboustley goregeus and beautifull piece of art in the peformances, slow and calm aswell. I love the beach part aswell and take care. bye

    luv you.
    from urmi xxx

  4. Its weird that the place where belly dancing originates from would disapprove of it! Here I don’t think its so bad or I have never heard it referred to in a bad light or as something overtly sexual. But anyways the wings are really cool! I’ve never actually seen anything like that before. You said its your first time dancing with them? You did really well! Very pretty!

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