What many people dont know is that….There are actually male bellydancers. And bellydance is danced by both males and females in the middleast. Males who dance bellydance are NOT gay. Bellydance is just part of their culture. I decided to do this video with a opening from Daniel mainly beacuse i wanted to fight the attack many male bellyadncers face. Daniel is a totally straight guy for your information. But he developed a fascination over bellydance. And he is very very passionate about this artform. Daniel’s biggest desire is to promote masculine bellydance. I am sure you have seen males who dance bellydance feminiely. Its not because they are gay. Its because their teachers were females and students imitate their teacher.

Daniel here is a fine example of  a macusline bellydancer. He teaches himself bellydance. He has no former class training.

Male bellydancer issues

1stly they are labelled gay. Which they are not. 2ndly they cant get into classes or dance schools easily cos their female teachers find it uncomfortable. There are very few male dance teachers who can teach the masculine artform. So the only thing they can do is to teach themselves.

There are famous male bellydancers such as tito.


Daniel is young teenage bellydancer. The reason i emphasize teenage is because ive never met a young person who has so much of passion over bellydance and i wish he never gives up. I told him that in 10 years i wouldnt be surprised if he becomes a star.


We are both dancing to a drum solo. We have interpreted it in our own ways here.

My opinions

I find that male bellydancers can execute steps better as they have stronger muscles. And i admire some male bellydancers as well. The reason i put up this video is to show that male bellydancers do exist and they should be equally respected. The good side of being a male dancer is that you probably would be less sexually exploited. Many people have got bad idea of a female dancer. But i guess its less for  male. You tend to look less sexually at one. I would definitely encourage bellydance to men. Its a great form of exercise and there’s nothing gay about it. It just how the more westernised part of the world look at it. If you look deeply into history its their cultural dance and women, men, kids and even the old dance it.

I hope that this impressions change and people would actually encourage this art form to develop amog men as well. To me, male bellydancers execute the more fascinating n magical steps of bellydance.Perhaps looking more mysterious rather than the feminine bellydancer.

When i think of a male bellydancer. I think of someoe who does mysterious tricks rather than do the more feminine parts of the artform. Again this is my opinion. Its up to people to intrepret.


Well i guess its important to update about my life as well. My good friend Ray and i attended the MPA workshop and we managed to meet some awesome directors from Hollywood. And the good news is we won a story pitch comepetition. It was an amazing experience getting encouragement from director who made. Well we were most happy when they said we were gifted in comedy. I hope to remmeber that whenever i do work. Well you guys know, apart from bellydance i am a film maker. It will be great to see your feedback on my film making stuff as well. Cos your comments grew me as a dancer and perhaps you comments can help me grow better as a film maker. So you can expect to see some of my stuff along with the belly vids. I had this weird fascination over Ramon Menendez cos he reminded me of spaghetti westerns so much! N he is such a funny guy looool. Well he apparently directed “Stand & Deliver”. Im hell curious to watch it. But these film makers are sooo humble and nice. They dont have the “attitude” you expect them to have. And yes i missed school for this workshop.

Maybe i will upload the crazy comical side of me soon. lol.



(Tom Musca, Ramon Menendez & Ira Deutchman & the lawyer guy adrian smtg smtg)

(Joshua ray and i )


Well the next request im gonna do is to dance to a drum solo by Tommy Tabla. I have quite a handful of requests still. So i;ll try my best to fulfill all of them over the time. But do keep sending in your suggestions. It will take time, but i will fulfill dem. Do send me comments, feedback and subscribe to me. I’ll be uploading alot more.

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  1. oh my gosh sabreena. i cant belive you got directors or you got to meet directors from hollywood.thats so great. you are doing really well, not just you belly dancing i mean like you are a good film maker aswell n one of your acting videos are so funny. lol take care you are an incrediable dancer n flim maker.I’m proud of you sabreena. take care bye xxx from urmi xx.

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