A Bellydancer’s Sad Story (edited)

Well i just got time to blog about this performance. Cos i fell pretty sick after this performnce. Its now being a norm for me to fall sick right after a performance. Mom claims its evil eyes. Lol. N josh will probably laugh over the chillies again. Cos my mom believes chillies ward off evil eyes!

Well back to the topic. I am a very honest person. And i will admit that…

This wasnt my best performance. N i know it. But mistakes lead to perfection and i am not ashamed to admit.

Well that day was a bad day. Cos i had a severe fight with my sister a day before. N it was all on my mind. She was supposed to help me out for this day. Well she did in the end. But it affected me cos i was trying to get someone there with me to get my clothes on right cos ive a phobia of clothes dropping off in a performance. So my mother’s friend was nice enough to pop by. Unfortunately…no one could come over and lend a little hand. So the day of my performance was spent searching. I couldnt relax at all.

Well family is family. They all came down and supported me. Usually i dont bring my family along cos my mother doesnt understand the art of bellydance. But she did come down and lend her support. N so did this guy called Chin Eng. Thank you very much! He took time to come all the way to jiayou (cheer) me!

So my day was rotten. To add more onto the rottenness….my sister forgot my coin belt. So 5 mins before the performance.. i was freaking out. I felt miserable!

Also honestly i dont work well with choreographies. I am rather used to do doing solos and freestyle. Cos choreographies make me think and doesnt put me in the “feeling”. N if you are doing a group performance…if you do smtg wrong…it will be VERY OBVIOUS!

This choreo was actually taught by my teacher Ms.Yuki. She is a amazing lady with lots of charisma. I love her lessons. She is full of energy and she perfected us and prepared us. But she couldnt be there for the show! Cos she had to go China to judge a bellydance contest.

Dramapro & Dance

Well My lecturer Mr, Millians taught us smtg which i think is really true. He teaches me about drama at my school. This applies for acting and dancing as well. Cos dancing is another form of acting according to me ๐Ÿ™‚ He said…we should be in the MOMENT. When actors are given too many instructions…they think too much when they are acting and cant be the character. You cant pretend…you have to be it.

Well my face is a fine example of bad technique. I was thinking of… “Shit…do i do it left or right”. So i looked lost according to my sister.ย ย  N i know i did. I am usually happy when i see my audience. I becomeย a character ย in the stage. I smile…i interact with them. But that day…i couldnt. We are all actors…we act everyday of our lives. What i am on stage is totally different from what i am in real life.

Also i am doing a choreographed dance aftter a long time. So i couldnt be in the moment.

Shame on me! Cos audience are important. They spend time transport to come n see you. N you dont even smile? That really sucks! So i felt terrible after everything. My 100% wasnt there!!

What did i learn?

Yame is a fellow dancer…i know her from youtbe. She said to me not to worry and dont think of aytg when you r on stage. Even if you screw up…they would not know. Just dont show it. I think its true. We all screw up. Its human nature. I rather learn now that this could happen…Then never.

I also have decided to get things ready before a performance. N get reliable people to be there and help me work this through. Or learn how to adjust costume cockups.


Well i am learning…and i will never end learning. I am planing to go and do bellydance courses after i graduate from my current school. Cos you will definitely pick up more. Especially from different teachers,

I watched my teacher perform and i really could feel i have to learn more. I take dance very seriously. I look at her and see how she transitions from oe step to another. Its a part i am trying to work my way through. I am not an expert nor am i perfect. I will have to work my way to perfectionism. Cos dance is serious business. She flows and be someone on stage. I have to be that character on stage too.

I am glad that many people are nice enough to leave comments and make me feel better. My main objective is to make sure i never disappoint anyone with my dance. There were two nice gals who came up to me ad said i did a good job. But i had this inner guilt that i know i didnt reach my own expectations, In fact i failed miserably.

Oh yes.. Did i tell you i lost my earrings as well ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Costume & Makeup

Many people liked my costume. My costume was bought online. N it was tailored for me cos i cant buy regular bellydance costumes cos i like certain designs and i usually dont dance in a bellydance bra. Cos i prefer people ogling my dance rather than my body. Bellydance is ART not sex. Also i like certain colors and certain designs especially coins. So i get it tailored for myself. It also helps me stand out from regular bellydance costumes. So i kind of prefer it this way ๐Ÿ˜€ Well this costume is technichally a bra. But i got the gaunlets really long to make like a sleeves. My long hair covers the fact that its actually a bra. It makes me feel less naked and helps me concetrate on my dance rather than… “Oh … is my boobs gona pop out?”

Anyways…I tried new makeup. My friend taught me blending. This is one thing i should thank her for. N i am atleast happy that came out well ๐Ÿ™‚ Well scroll down for pics. I used Black track MAC…Mac Kohl…and Red Earth brown eyeshadow with loreal mascara ๐Ÿ™‚ Also the foundation is Bobbi Brown.ย  The lip stick is a mixure of NYC & ZA. I also put foundation on my lips as a base to give that nude look to bring out my eyes. N i covered with the above two lipsticks. If you guys wanna breakdown of how i did it. Read the makeup section of this blog.

Requests and unfulfilled requests!

I recieve many requests everyday. And i would say yes to them if they are decent and good teaching material. But sometimes i am overwhelmed with it.ย  And it could also happen that i am unable to do yours anymore. So please dont feel upset about it. I am schooling as well so i can only do ones that i have time for. Or it could be that your requests may be done even a couple of months later. So i hope you can understand my situation.

Also i cant teach you choreographies that dont belong to me. Cos its a bit unfair to the actual choreographer. So i am extremely sorry about that.

Do send in your requests still. If i am able to do it… it will certainly be up. But you have to be patient. Sometimes it can take even months. i usually take all my requests seriously except for ones that try to defame bellydance.

3 thoughts on “A Bellydancer’s Sad Story (edited)

  1. hi, sabreena-
    nice blog. i know a little of where you’re coming from. i perform with music, and sometimes don’t do as well as i would like. just have to put it out of your mind, learn what you can from it, and carry on. i think it’s called “paying your dues!”

  2. I sympathize with your troubles. I agree that it is true, people do not notice your mistakes nearly as much as you will, mostly because you know what you wanted to do and whether they did it. Though I would say what you think is more important than what they think! I agree that it is good to simply be in the moment on stage and not be thinking about lots of different things. I have performed music, so I understand the difference in how it feels when you’re just “in the zone”.

    Also let me just say you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit! It’s clear that you put a lot of work into it–it really compliments you, and to be honest that last picture took my breath away for a second when I saw it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A few entries ago you showed how to practice moving torso without hips and hips without torso, and though I’m a guy I did this practice and it was fun. So thanks!

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