Bellyrolling tips (edited)

How i overcame Bellyrolling problems…

Well this is my story. Bellyrolling doesnt come easy for everyone. Atleast not for me. Its just ot natural for my body. And i struggled alot for it. All we bellydancers have a problem. We practise what we are good at and leave out what we hate. And thats what i did with bellyrolling.

Everytime i squeese out my constipated bellyrolls…i watch the little humps rolling down my stomach and i tell myself… “Shanu…you r never gonna get good as Rachel Brice”

So how do we overcome this…

Simple..Make your practise interesting…

Daniel i owe you THANKS

Daniel is a male bellydancer who gives alot of thought in bellydance practise. He told me he practising 60 bellyrolls one shot. And then an idea pop into myhead. Why dont i belly roll to an entire song?

The problem with bellyrolls…

Many of us get discouraged in seeing our pathetic camel humps taking a lazy walk down the arabian desert of your tummy. (Nice way to put it eh?) We get discouraged demoralised and terribly upset. Bellyrolls are about relaxing your muscles. When you see yourself…you feel tensed and you cant roll well. Soo dont look at yourself.

Lying down and belly rolling is alot tougher than standing. Lie down face the ceiling get your mp3 and roll. Dont look at a mirror. Think about daily events…think about friend…dog ..or me

The main idea is to not focus and make belly rolling a part of  natural movement. So you dont have to push yourself but it flows.

Ab building helps..

People told me this be4. I said its bullshit. But i say now…its some shit really. It helps. It makes your abs strong! Go do crunches…familiarise with your darling abbies. Sucking in your diaphram helps too. Do it nonstop for 2 songs. You would be great. Do it for a week you would be super great.

The key to bellyrolling is practise. Make your practise fun…and you will enjoy that movement. I enjoy it much more now. I even feel its relaxing! I hope this helps…



Well i have been observing didem for some time. Everyone keeps arguing on youtube that Didem is alot better than Asena. I was curious and went to find out about this dancer. Initially when i saw her i thought she was bad. Really. Recently i kept watching her vids and i realise that Asena is just not any dancer but a true artist. Asena’s style of dancing CANNOT be compared to Didem. After watching and analysing her dance moves…i can safely say that Didem is shallow compared to Asena’s technique. I am a fan of Didem’s flamboyant moves and floorwork. She entertains and amuses her audience with her cute smile and attitude, But observe Asena. Watch the drum solo ive embedded. You will realise anger .. a sort of i dunno how to say in the english language…determination….power? Asena has alot of feeling in her bellydance. Her moves are alot more simple and basic compared to Didem’s…But she “talks’ through her dance.

When i sit thrugh didem’s performances…i get a feeling of happines…amusement…shock at her gorgeous dance moves. And thats it. Its like watching a hollywood film packed with action…you come home and describe the story to your friend as… “There was alot of Dooom Boom n Gooon in the move…wah!”

But Asena’s…i was glued. When she started trembling i was literally glued feeling her “power’ take over my lap top screen. Even though i am not a fan of Asena. I have began to appreciate her. I still like Didem more. Cos Didem owns what i believe…i believe in flamboyant movements. Thats just my style. But Asena’s style cant be ignored. Asena does a mixture of dances. But i dont quite like her style. But its her style and i think people shouldnt compare one artist to another. Its best when artists are different so we can appreciate them for who there are.

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