My dad says “God must look like Morgan Freeman”

Maybe because Morgan Freeman was God in Evans Almighty and my dad is a fan of the movie. My dad also said “Morgan freeman is God”…he also said, “I wont be suprised if we realise on the day of judgement that Morgan Freeman is REALLY God and he might just say ‘GOTCHA'”

Please take a look at GOD in the picture below.

Thi picture proves he is God cos there is a light behind him. Can you see that? So he is GOD.

Anyways, I did watch Lean on me after Keenan’s uper strong recommendation. It was an awesome movie and much better than Dangerous minds actually cos it was funny. Dangerous Minds is more on to the serious side. Apparently Lean on me is a true story which makes it alot fun to watch. It is a story of Eastside high school which was a reputable school until it got rotten and then its situation got way much better when a tyrannical pricinpal Joe Louis Clark came in. He was a tyrant man! One who would walk the schools with a bullhorn and shout at students. He would expel anyone mercilessly including teachers. He chained up the school from drug pushers and force students to know the school song by heart.

So i read up a little on Joe Louis Clark…and yes its true! He did even pose with bat in TIME magazine.

The Real Joe Clark.

I dont want to spoil the movie for you. I didnt quite watch it for the film style even tho i learnt quite a few things. I enjoyed it for its biographical value. I am glad this movie followed quite closely to Joe Clark’s biography unlike Dangerous minds. Cos if you read LouAnne Johnson’s book you would realise that LouAnne had a lot tougher time dealing with the “dangerous minds”. In hollywood…things are alot easier…n full of action. Anyways…i still love the movie.

Well…in my sister’s secondary school things were pretty bad too…until this principal came and he would walk around with his cane and just hit anyone. I dunno if i agree with this sort of tyrannism. Cos i dont like the idea of hitting or insulting students or kids. Maybe it works. “Spare the rod…spoil the child?”

Maybe the principal has power cos he doesnt directly deals with students…unlike a teacher who has to worry for her/his safety.

I dont quite agree with his methods…cos i wont do it. I rather let someone else do it. But he does have a point about discipline. I respect him alot for it as well. Maybe we are being a bit too easy on young people for the wrong things. I mean some things. Young people think they know what they do…quite forgetting that older people have walked the same paths they are walking now.Well its pretty normal for the young. Its that age where we jump for everything. N as we get older we become slower n we think before we jump. Sometimes we think too much.

Anyways im thinking too much already. N writing too much of what i think.

This movie is really very good and makes me realise why i loved 80’s movies alot better …cos when they made movies…they really made them…nowdays computers make the movies with all the CGI and crap..

I hate CGI..CGI is like monosodium glutamate,…add little…for taste…dont overkill and run ur entire film on CGI. Anyways i still find this character pretty hard to digest cos i believe very strongly in treating people with respect. I rather choose LouAnne’s treatment anytime over Joe Clark;s…just a personal preference. Well Joe Clark is a cool man…even though i cant figure out whether he is a good man or a bad man…maybe BAT MAN

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One thought on “LEAN ON ME

  1. I love that movie and the song for it is nearly makes me cry. But thinking about it he is very tough. Kids are bad but high school is pretty harsh and stressful so I think its okay to cut them some slack. Plus I think that discipline is really something a parent should do because its a part of raising children which is not a teachers job. I think thats a problem today, here in America at least, people expect the teachers/school to raise their kids. Its very hard for one person to raise 200 children. That doesn’t mean I agree with hitting children as a punishment, studies have shown that it causes aggressive behavior.

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