Secrets to isolation in bellydance/ GLUTES WILL WALK ALL OVER YOU

Lol. This must be the weirdest exercise ive ever demonstrated->Glute exercise. Something Suhaila Salimpour been talking about. At first I thought it was mad. Later on, I realise how correct she really is. Glute exercise though boring and embarrassing can really help you in bellydance. You can find it from her dvds Bellydance buns.  This was a request from sonilixxious. Sorry for the late reply.


Everyone wants to be an instant bellydancer. I wish i could. Unfortunately no matter what. The secret to perfect isolation is practise. Ive  tried my best to explain. Drilling can really really help you. If you are skeptical in adding weights to ur exercise routine,…you can tie more hip scarves. This was what my teacher taught me. I hadnt tried it before. I just jumped straight onto weights.

Exercise like the glute ones help prepare you for more stronger and vibrant hip drops.

Glute Exercise benefits

Well i experimented. My shimmies, hip drops, hip drop kicks were all instantly strong. Take some time in squeesing your glutes. I know this sounds funny but it can really keep you strong. Oh yah plus point you can get a prettier butt…Maybe lol 😀

Apart from squeesing glutes, i do rib lifts or suck in my diaphrahm. I suck it really in so my bellyrolls will be really good. My flutters have improved tremendously. Small isolation exercises like this are good enough. There are really no secret. Its just drilling and drilling means doing the step over again for atleast 5 to 10 mins non stop. Good enough!

Tribal fusion

I am not against any dance form. I just wish to learn all styles. But i was pretty disappointed to hear from my teacher that tribal style was imagined and it doesnt have roots in history. But i am not against any style. I like them all. I wish to learn them all. Mainly cos i love bellydancing alot.

I invented this strange weird costume and i realise how cheap it can really be. Even though i guess i look much better in a tradition egyptian or turkish costume.  I decided to break down the costume cos i guess not many people know why people wear this and that.

My Teacher was awesome to teach us to interpret different musical instruments how to intrepret them and move accordingly. It helps me alot. Many times we cant fully choreograph. I go by ear most of my time. For me, i have to be free. Then i can interact with my audience 😀

Music and me

I love music and i respect musicians. I dont play any instruments. I wonder if the turkish zill counts! lol. I was with Keenan while he made music. I felt pretty useless most of the time cos i really want to help him. But i cant. I wish i had the knowledge of piano or some classical indian music. I really wish to learn the arabic drum. Cos i like immersing into an artform compltely getting lost in it and merge into it. I love bellydance and thats why i wish to learn all styles no matter what they are. Its an expression. I cant do tribal for now. I wil imitate till i find a tribal teacher.

FLORIAN LAUR (blorian)

Yeap and he was here this holidays. We didnt had the same energy to travel all around singapore again. We did what we could. Talk. We had some family time together. Dad cldnt play games wid him so we chatted bt history 😀

Flo is matured and better at decisions now. So i dont have to keep mummying him. N i dont want to. It was fun having someone who has the same mindset as you around. We wish to travel together some time. We found Singapore flags hanging around some really weird danger signboards. Is it patriotism or someone trying to act funny? I wished he could stay longer. We could have discussed alot more. Seems like he likes movies i like too! So i got introduced to David Lynch. N i found a new line of cinemas i can watch and analyse.


Fresh from Bath ( By Raja Ravi Verma)

Ravi Verma’s paintings are just awesome. He is Malayalee. So ive another reason to be proud of. N i looked at some old paintings of the sultry beauties from Kerala. Even as a women i tell you….its sexy…more to sensual.

Wet after a bath…skin showing through…a bashful face. POetry i tell you! Poetry in a painting. How many artists can do that. Paintings to me are in a way scarier than photographs. Photographs capture whats there in reality…maybe in a subjective manner. But in artwork,,,an artist thoughts feelings and emotions get locked in it. Its scary to keep a fragment of someone’s mind….long dead in your home.

But i still love it. I would appreciate collecting stuff like this more than commercial stuff. My elder sis understood me well and got me paintings from UK instead of clothes and shoes. I like collecting historical items. I am going to collect artwork because it inspires me. I wish to collect the painting with the nipple showing. Except my parents might cry out loud its PORN! I guess olden times Kerala Ladies were topless…thats what someone told me.  But its BEAUTIFUL. N Its embarassing cos ive a dad at home. N it might be disrespectful to hang dat picture in my house. As Hes da only male inda house other than my rabbit Mr.Panda

I also hear drum beats from mRidangam and tabla lately. It calms me and give me ideas. I begin to read poetry as well. Even tho i took tamil at school instead of Malayalam. I am very familar with great tamil poets like Bharathiyaar and Kannadasan. Their poetry makes you think. We lack poetry in our lives and movies. I wish to bring it back. Like what Jean Renoir does. Im beggining to see poetry in the littlest things we do in life. I wish people will appreciate the beauty of their own culture. I am not Tamil…I cant speak Tamil…But i love Bharathi.  N many tamils i meet here dont appreciate him or love him as much as i do. I am refferring to some people only. The most beautiful qoute Bharathi ever said in my opinion is… MANATHIL URUTHI VENDUM meanining…THERE SHOULD BE FIRMNESS IN YOUR HEARTS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!


Requests welcome. Mail me in my youtube inbox. M happy to help my bellydancers 😀


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One thought on “Secrets to isolation in bellydance/ GLUTES WILL WALK ALL OVER YOU

  1. Sabreena, your dancing is divine, you are a beautiful woman and you have a fabulous figure. Have your even throught about touring with a show and maybe come to England. I live in Portsmouth, Hampshire and we have restuarants where they do cabaret. Usually bellydancing and I myself have experienced this and really enjoyed myself. 10 out of 10 for yoor vidwos and please lots more of those belly rolls, yours are amazing. Lovely costumes and sexy navel.

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