Bellydance (slow) and undulations practise

Hi there am back again after a long time with a home video. I had been really busy with school and only uploaded performances lately. So sorry about that 🙂 I had been having dancer’s block for the past few days. I always wanted to learn tribal fusion, so i fused some steps i learnt. Unfortunately it didnt look very tribal fusion. Haiz.

I am not so happy with this vid. Its pretty unchoreographed and a little too fast. I have been really concentrating on arm movements lately. I always neglect it and i know it will be bad in the future.

Practise does not make perfect! Perfect practise makes perfect!

I heard this beautiful qoute in a DVD by Jenna. And i think it makes perfect sense. Sometimes i ask myself, how much practise will it take me to be a level where i can say its good enough. Like when we read about professional dancers we find they have been dancing for 20 years 25 years. And it makes me sometimes feel demoralised on how much ahead we must practise.

Passion can drive us to practise. But i wonder is our practise good enough. Practising rolls undulations shimmies randomly might not be enough. I have been doing that for the past few months. It has helped me. N ive accompanied weights with my practise doing dances uploading them up and getting feedback. 

Perfect practise may not be what we think we are doing. I read Suhaila Salimpour’s interview and she was talking about strengthening muscles that can help in bellydance. Controlling muscles is mastering bellydance. And there are various exercises that can prepare us and strengthen us to make us better bellydancers. Practising steps are not enough. We need to know our muscles well and do exercises that help prepare us.  Suhaila’s glute exercise can help crunch our bum muscles better when doing hip bumps. 

Gym does help me strengthen my thigh and ab msucles. Thigh muscles are extremely important in backbends. I cant do backbends yet. And gym did help to strengthen. Anaheed’s exercise does wonders do.

How do we practise?

I came up with some plans during the dancer block period.  Practising steps is one of them. We can combine them into a simple dance and do them in variations. What i do is i shimmy for a whole song. Belly roll or undulate to a whole song. This can really help. Accompanying weights with it helps strengthen as well.

Gym is important. I visit it every two days now that im in my holidays. I usually do 3 leg machines and abs.

Good instructional dvds are great to practise with. Rachel Brice’s arms dvd had been criticised by some dancers saying that it does not show the secret to serpentine movements. But the truth is, practising the exercises she teaches will eventually create fluidity. Many of us just dont have patience. The exercises she teaches really really helps. I do it for warmup before dancing and i see a great difference! We have to drill many such movements into our muscle memory. These exercises help us prepare.  Choreography dvds are also great to work with. It helps you build your dance vocabulary.

Classes! Definitely important, Even though i dont quite practise da choreography at home. My teacher is kind enough to help go thru every week. Opinions from teachers can really help. In fact its the most important of all. Cos she can see whether we are making a mistake or not. And we are able to correct our movements basing mostly on her feedback 🙂

Play music and randomly dance to it. This help us intrepret music. Like when to do shimmies or when to do snake arms. Try dancing differently to the music each time.

Watching videos help too. Watch dancers and see how they intrepret a song. Watch different dancers ddance to the same music and try it for yourself. With youtube its easy to watch so many performances by professionals 🙂

Moving each muscle individually has helped me great deal. Like moving my disphram to help me master flutters. It has helped me in my belly roll as well. Just pushing in muscles randomly.


In my country, unfortunately they only teach egyptian. I found a ATS dance school but they are uncontactable. I wonder if they are around still. I guess just graduating from a school does not make you da perfect bellydancer. I might have to learn from few different schools to make my foundation strong. But the secret to perfect practise is definitely patience.

Sometimes i get frustrated when i cant move as well as the many professional dancers or a fellow dancer. And i wonder how long more. But as long as we work smart we can get to a level we can say that “good”.

Song requests

If you need songs. Mail me and tell me which song u want.

Makeup video requests

They are coming up. I am hoping youtube video quality doesnt make it suffer

Tutorial requests

I am not an expert. I can only try my best to explain. But its good to seek help from a professional teacher. I will try to upload your requests and i really still hope you guys will seek help from a real bellydance teacher. Use my vids more as a accompanied practise then learning from them. I usually load them up so i myself wont forget what i learnt,


Do tell me your honest feedback whther its about my dance or my blog. I appreciate them all. Happy dancing!

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2 thoughts on “Bellydance (slow) and undulations practise

  1. Im your maxican fan, Im learning belly dance, and I justo love your moves if you could send me the songs could be real good to practice at home: I lika a lot the video of ondulations and that song.

    I hope you upload more video soon.


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