Hi guys

I know its been a long time since i posted any video. Some of you guys were worried as well. I was busy with semester not quite feeling well too. In the meantime, i was working with Joshua Simon, as classmate of mine to perform on Singapore’s National Day. Joshua is really amazing to work with, and im dreadfully sorry that i couldnt attend his many rehearsals cos i was super sick and the semester was really killing me. Joshua was really very patient. I learnt alot working with his amazing team. I am not so good with names.  But i really love you all.

Hip Hop and bellydance

Hip hop has very familiar steps with bellydance. They have hip drops, chest lifts figure 8s. It was pretty easy for me to learn. But i had one problem. Hip Hop has a totally different attitude. It has power and oomph. It was pretty difficult for me adjusting and changing my feminine style to something with alot of power. By nature, im a very soft person. So its hard for me to project power. I might have been able to do it if i had a lot more time. The first person who taught me some hip hop moves was ZEF. Its a good thing i found his friendster, i am not too good with names but i recog faces alot better. Zef was patient and very careful when he was teaching making sure i do alright.

Hip Hop needs alot of strength and attitude. Earlier on, i spoke about facial expressions. Hip Hop is another of those dance artforms you shouldnt be smiling too much in.  Bellydance needs multi tasking, patience and passion. Hip hop even though its easier (atleast to me) needs energy. Hip hop has very big movements that are easily visible on stage.

Dance : Other Forms

I really admired most of the dancers there. They come from different dance backgrounds. We had a Malay dancer and a contemporary dancer as well on stage. Khairani did Malay dance and ive always known that art form for being graceful. Maybe culture plays a part as well. Malay women are particularly graceful in their movements. Khairani did a great job. Reagon did contemporary dance. I really admired his dance skills. He is the guy flying around in the video. His movements are big and really catches attention on stage. Extremely graceful as well. He has a background in contemporary dance, He is one one of the dancers i really admired there.


There was a cheerleader girl. Joshua was doing some of those cheerleading tricks where you carry a person up and make her stand on your shoulders. That was really amazing to watch. Even though, i was frightened she might have an accident. She looked really fragile.

Chinese dancer

Amanda if i remmeber clearly told me about her background in chinese dance. She seemed very interested in bellydance. I really hope she can take it up some time. She did manage to learn an inner hip circle at the end of it. 🙂


There was something interesting i learnt from this girl. I am sorry i dont know her name. She’s got dark curly hair ( in case you are reading this 🙂

She suggested i needed bigger movements espcially on a big stage. I agree with her. I remember one of my bellydance teachers telling me about bellyrolls. Bellyrolls are movements of three stomach muscles that may not be too visible on a stage, so she suggested undulations (the movement of your pelvis) Both movements look familiar but undulations are alot more bigger. Shimmies can be replaced with turkish shimmies to look more big on stage.  Belly rolls are fascinating but its not too visible. As a dancer, its important to take over the stage. Travelling steps , veil work and big movements give you power. Bellydance doesnt have that much of travelling steps compared to hip hop or contemporary dance. So its important to plan out your movements.

Wings of Isis is a good way to show how big you are on the stage. The thing is, you should know how to control it. I was hoping to use wings of isis, but i didnt have time to practise with it. Furthermore, i dont own one. This is one way to take over the stage. But big movements are not always good, one shoud have a mixture.

Taking in mind where you are performing?

Bellydancers perform everywhere! Its important to take note of your space. I watched an interesting clip which talks about space.

We perform at stages restuarants and festivals. This clip kind of elaborates how to make use of this space to our advantage. I got reminded of this clip when the curly haired girl spoke to me. Im sorry i have to describe you this way, i really dont know ur name.

When we are in smaller spaces we can afford to do tiny movements like an egyptian shimmy and bellyrolls. It looks more sensual that way.


Ive to thank Sakuntala Aunty. Shes my mom’s friend.

I cant speak tamil for nuts. But she really had patience with my broken tamil mixed with malayalam. She really did my costume well and made sure it didnt fall off. I am afraid of losing clothes during a performance. This costume i got it from egypt. Its alot prettier that the ones here and alot cheaper as well! 🙂

Special thanks

Detention group. All of you. The sweet little girl who had the song in the phone. Zef, Kairani, Amanda, Josh and all the others .

Da Line Up

Angel who missed the performance but still came to support. She;s my really close friend

The lady who recorded the entire event


  1. hey sabreena im glad to see that enjoyed performing with DETENTION. public performances like these are great for promoting bellydance to the public but having watched the video, i was hoping that you could have been given more exposure in the performance.

    Anyway, let me know when is yr next performance. i cd come with some frnds to give support and also be one of the photographers for the event ok? Take care!

    Best Regards


  2. Hey Mohan 🙂 Thanks for di support. Public performances are good and it makes you a better dancer and less afraid of public.
    Hopefully Singapore and many other countries learn the right things abt bellydance 🙂
    Wld inform you when the next performance comes. Thanks for popping by blog once in a wile. Take care

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