Hello there people, Thanks for all the support. I can finally update my blog now that I & E is over 😉





Hello guys, i am updating my blog after such a long time, I had to use my blog to promote our event. So i had to wait till its all over so i can start writing again. And i am glad i can. And now that i can, i am suddenly blank.

This entire Hafla show was for our I & E at school. It was a very tough thing to do. We had been through alot to get this done. For the first time, i had to teach a simple choreography to group of girls in just one week

The group is made of a very cool admin staff called Kristin, a spontaneous lecturer called Joh ting and lastly a classmate of mine, Zelda.  Well only 2 of them in this trio have some idea of what bellydance is. And poor Kristin had to learn from scratch in just one week. Its a very hard thing to do. Even though i was very guilty. Being a perfectionist, i would love to see them all do perfectly. But due to lack of time, i had to make sure they do their best. And they did.

They made it to practise almost everyday. Teaching is not an easy thing to. I appreciate all my dance teachers now. What one person can do effortlessly may not be easy for another. Plus Bellydance is a muscle dance. Its hard to make your student move her own muscles. You can point it to her, hold her and force it. But in the end, only she can move herself. These were some difficulties i faced.

My choreo

I didnt like fusion. Not for Basic bellydance. I do fusion all the time, but i dont know why i decided to stay away from it this time, If you look carefully, the choreo is very very basic bellydance just made to look cute. This is my original choreography and i am proud to say that. I didnt copy it from anywhere. I watched couple of youtube vids and did something simple. The girls cant do very complicated steps.

All of them are in different levels. So i had to simplify without making it look less cute. I played with patterns. I loved patterns ever since i was a child. And you guys wanna know a secret. I didnt even have time to choreograph this in advance before i taught to them. I choreographed this over 5 days. On the spot, i will teach them somethig…then i come back next day and teach them another thing.  That means i just kept adding onto the choreo as i went. Adding more and more until we finished the song.

Originally i wanted to do only 1 minute. But we finished the whole song!!! Its tough. Cos being a perfectioist, i like being ahead of things. And i had no time! But thank god, its sucessfully done.

Women power!

Thats a cheesy title. But i learnt real sisterhood and what is bellydance all about what after this session. I chose to hold hands and shimmy cos it builds confidence and it builds love for this artform. Thats why i never wanted to get paid for teaching. Cos when money rolls in,,,we might love the money more than the passion. You might call me crazy and young. But i rather not mix money with passion 🙂


Due to lack of time, i went unchoreographed. You can see my mistakes. I realize that a drum solo is all about recognition of beat. Now i realize wht is beladi and saidi beat all about. And to what rhytmns we can shimmy and to what we cant. So since i had the memory and some vocabulary of dance moves, i mixed it all on the spot and did this.

I played around my clapping to ma audinece. Its something i saw Ariadne doing once. Since my hands is always sloppy, i gaf it some work by clapping.

Also what i liked about expressions was the way i did funny stuff to make them laugh. It lightens up the mood and wipes away anything “Sexual” about the dance. And i haf a sense of humour, so i mixed it up here. I really want people to look at me as a dancer and not look at me sexually. Thats why im careful with my dressing. I chose to cover my stomach with tattoos as well. So much of the attention will be on the dance than on me.


Lets say….never do a slow dance after a drum solo. It didnt work out too well here. I couldnt transition myself from fast to slow very well. Usually i can dance slow. But here, i cant. Cos i just couldnt. So i need to make a mental note to myself regarding this.

And its hard when you cant see a shadow or a mirror image of urself when dancing. So i had difficulty. Plus going unchoreographed for this was a terrible idea. But strangely enough people liked it. I might go and take up tribal bellydance after egyptian style of bellydance course.


The ladies did well. And they had fun doing it. They all looked gorgeous. Joh Ting is blessed with easys eyes to work on. And Kristin looked like an Egyptian princess. The silver outfit did match Zelda like i predicted even though she refused to believe me at 1st 😉 Tanned skinned people should stick with gold…and lighter toned people should go for silver. Thats why i chose silver for her.

Do you guys wanna know why i looked weak while dancing…

My bra felt like it was gonna drop out. I had protection underneath…but its embarassing still. I mean i dont want to expose my boobs out. (Jenn wld have been happy). Thats why u see me calling jenn after dance…i did adjusted my bra atleast twice in this dance sequence. I have a phobia of losing my clothes while dancing. I hope to God that never happens to me!!! Ameen!


I will take a short break. I want to just dance around for myself with no pressure. I am going to work on more with weight belts. The girls claimed weights helped them. Even though i was not happy giving weights to Zelda. Cos she doesnt have the basic skills yet…and it can b VERY DANGEROUS. Thats why i didnt gif weights to zelda and kristin. Joh ting improved a great deal with weights. She should really buy one. This is why i repeatedly tell dancers that you have to be intermediate level to use weights. I really hope you guys respect my advise.

Future Plans…

I will continue to perform. I will upload them. I am going to finish veil work in one week. And absent minded me LEFT MY VEIL BEHIND IN DANCE CLASS TODAY!!!!! N i hope they still have it. I am getting slightky better in remebering choreography cos i have an amazing teacher who massages us after class 😉

I need to work on veil. I have too little space at home and i end up relying on class time which is very very bad. I need to be more graceful. The more i practise, the better i will be….Hopefully.

Next i will move to drum solo 🙂 Then i will finally know all my mistakes ive been doing…

After my course… i will continue with advance classes…and plan to take up samba during holidays. After egyptian bellydance, i will join another school for tribal bellydance classes. I want to learn different styles in this artform.

My dream…

I wish to learn Turkish bellydance someday. All the workshops i want to attend keep getting cancelled. I was saving up for them.

Failures are not stop signs they are guide lines

I am not too happy with cam & light assignment grades. Not at all.  I have decided to face reality and dicuss what went wrong. Thats the only way i can learn. But also i am very frightened of my lecturer and i have a weak heart, so if he says smtg bad, i might faint. I hope i get constructive criticism …than destructive criticism. I am bringing my “daughter” ray along for support.  I love cinematography…and small things can cripple your confidence. So i need to know what happened so i can learn from it. Everyone starts out from somehwre… I mean Sergio Leone was a coffeeboy!!

Thats all

Sabreena 😀


  1. wow i love all your videos they are great and thank you for the song you sent me errhmm can you send me the drum solo please..(if that is ok with you) and wonderfull dancing to see. And you do belly dancing so well and the snakecharmer..

    ok bye

  2. I love drum solos most. If it was great dancer, you could feel like the sounds actually coming out from her body. I started to learn bellydancing three month ago and beginner. Wonder how you could move your hip that big, it’s amazing. I think if your arms & hands dance more, it’ll be much more entertainning. Also I hope to see you in sun color costume (like orenge, red or yellow) next time. You’re good dancer and great tutor. Also I admire what you’re trying to know and announcing your thought with your own way in the world. Hope I could learn from you and share the things more and more.

    best wishes

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