Genieshanu & MichelleSonho’s Samba bellydance experiment

Hello there. I have finally uploaded our little experiment. Before i write my usual details i would love  to share with you two good news 🙂


Beladi is a male bellydancer who had been trying to promote the masculine side of this artform. I am very proud of him. Its hard to find young people this passionate about something. Beladi had performed couple of times and people have recieved his style warmly. He comes from Spain. God bless you and have a happy birthday. I wish you discover more things and be a better dancer by the day!


Well i hope this more views would help out more people. I once heard of a film where bellydance united many women from the same neighbourhood. I think it was a hongkong film. It was truly inspiring to see how they all united. I had always wanted to do fusion and mix it with another dancer.

Our little experiment

Michelle had been sambaing all her life and lately she had been taking up bellydance lessons. One day she showed me a Karla tem tem video. And from there i wanted to mix samba with bellydance. Brazillian dancers often do that. I did learn samba shimmy before. But i have to tell you it is not quite the same. It adds an interesting touch to samba suddenly in your dance. It can surprise your audience as well. Obviously my Samba is nothing compared to Michelle. She does it really well.

More experiments

The reason why i wanted to do this is because i do not know much dancers locally. And it difficult to find really passionate people who take time mixing art forms. So by luck i met Michelle. And she inspires me as she is from an artistic background. Her father plays percussion as well. I would love to experiment with more people. And you guys can contact me regarding that. Dance is mainly about passion and one has to find the most creative ways to keep igniting that passion.

What i learnt from Michelle

Enthusiasm and expressions is what i learnt from her. I had emphasized body movement and facial expressions so much here on this blog. When i said smile, i meant something from the heart. And you can see that in Michelle. I cant smile like that for nuts. I am such a Grinch :). She has that naturally. Dancers are different. If you are going to smile, smile from the heart. And it isnt those seductive type of smile, it is spontaneous and energetic.

Seema’s question on proper bras

When bellydancing or doing any form of exercises, please be reminded to wear a bra in the first place. I know this is a surprising statemnet. But i have come across women who do without one. You would end up with noodles for breasts ten years down the road 🙂 I know there are many types of bras in the market, push ups, sports etc. Most people suggest a sports bra during practise. I feel thats good. But honestly i dont use a sport’s bra even when performing i avoid the fancy bras like push ups. (I dnt own one in da 1st place ) The main idea is if you are comfortable in one type of a bra, go with it. As long as you are practising with one. 

This applies to costumes as well. Wear one which is comfortable so you cab breathe in it and be yourself!

Dancers and accidents

This is one of the feared things during performance. I have this fear everytime i enter the stage. Once a teacher told me that a performer’s bra dropped off while she was dancing and she was so embarrased by it. I do not perform in bras but i think i can whip up some ideas for it. My 1st costume was made of a cardigan and a bra. But i was very paranoid that i had another normal bra underneath the costume bra. And i secured the strap very carefully so i wont drop it and even if i do i wont be so embarrased. I still had the cardigan underneath.

Apart from costuming, another aspect is safety of your costume. Try practsing with ur costume a night before the performance.

Apart from clothes dropping off, coins or part of the costume can drop off too. If its nothing major keeP dancing. Remeber the show must go on. When coins fall it can be quite a problem, sometimes the coin can cause injuries to your feet. I have seen dancers who continue dancing gracefully despite such embarassments.


Ive heard many requests again for this one. I am trying to do a totally new one which explains where i keep the weights in my body as i dance. Then again weights are quite dangerous so i hope you guys use it cautiously.

More experiments and requests

I would be uploading a request video soon. And if you would love to experiment pls drop me a email. We can cook up something together 🙂

One thought on “Genieshanu & MichelleSonho’s Samba bellydance experiment

  1. Hii.. I’m brazilian And I want to learn the bally dance I have saw your videos on youtube And I Like very very much

    If you could help me, I will like very much …

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