Bellydancing to cam n light assignment :)

I was playing with lights and atmosphere. We are apparently recreating a scene for camera and lighting assignment. So our scene had this smokey look. I kind of knew how to do it. But i had to make sure it looks good. So i came home and strated experimenting with whatever torches i had. I was pretty sucessful i guess. Then my room looked soo ancient. So i had to bellydance. I didnt choreograph this one, so i just let my body move to the music. If you noticed my expressions, you will see its alot more relaxed compared to choreographed dances.

Atmosphere in bellydancing

In my earlier videos, the one on facial expressions, i touched on atmospheres and how your stage should be. I think this is a perfect example. If i had danced this very dance in brightly lit room, the effect would not be as interesting as this.  Atmospheres can aid in creating moods in yourself and in your audience. This dark atmosphere made me blend into my song. I felt more confident. Most artists cant control their stage. For those who can, you can really put some thought in how you want your stage to be. For those who cant control your stage, you can control your costuming.

The facial expressions video is  below


In this dance i just decided to use something that will play with the lighting. And it did help in creating an effect. This is another example on how your costuming can help you. Dancing should not be left solely at how good you can dance. A good artist will consider her costumes, atmosphere and expressions. Here again, i did not smile much. When you are performing, you are not the only one there. Your atmosphere, costume and expressions all play a part when it comes to forming opinions.

Do look where you are performing and plan well on your costumes. Most dancers just pick a costume where they think it makes them look good. Costuming is beyond good looks. Bellydancing outfits are not cheap. And for people like me, i have to spend more in altering my costume. (Most of you know i dont dance in a bra). You can mix and match costumes or sew them yourself. I wiill touch more on makeup some other time. I would really like to go deeper into that.  There is alot of things you can do with makeup.

Message to all dancers

This applies to everyone. Dancing is an expression. You are conveying a message to your audience. Dancers are usually never judged by their technical aspects. You will be surprised. Sometimes when the atmospehre looks good, people are made to believe what they saw looks good as well. If you want to learn dance, be an all rounder. That will respect the artform.


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