Experimenting with Brazillian Samba and bellydance

I am not the first to experiment this. In fact, i was inspired by a dancer called Karla temtem whom i got to know through a fellow dancer called Michelle Sonho. She was featured in this video. She taught me how to samba. What i am doing here is probably not the original samba. I am doing what is called a Samba shimmy something i learnt from an instructional video. This one is called “21 shimmies and 1001 variations”. I have experimented with Indian dance and now i am trying to fuse with some Brazillian style. A spanish male bellydancer, his name is Daniel told me he is going to try using spanish castanets instead of zills in bellydance. I was really happy to know how he intends to form his own style.

I do respect fusion and creativity. Orignality is very important. One must ever forget the primary styles of bellydance. Fusion is good. There are some bellydancers who are very strict in what they do. Ive seen people who tell me. “Im strictly into egyptian style”. Honestly, i dont mind. But i prefer trying and experimenting.

To make my video more interesting, i gave it a silent movie look. I was bored and was borrowing alot of silent films from my film history teacher. She was kind to let me watch them. I have a great love for history. So i spend hours watching propoganda movies with my dad. The obsession for Buster Keaton is what led me to do this.

Samba / american cabaret

The Samba steps adds playfulness to your dance. I had always been interested in American Cabaret Bellydance. The attitude is flirty, stylish and sexy. So when i heard Austin powers on Michellesonho;s video, i had to experiment with it. I have never learnt american Cabaret. I added playfulness and the samba to it. Honestly, my expressions are not good. I am too serious to flirt around with the audience. But i did try it on my body gestures and dance. I danced very lightly than my usual strict self. I didnt quite choreograph again. So i was sambaing away and doing a totally difefrent attitude.

Austin powers is a perfect song to bellydance. I have been thinking about usig it in my perfomances. Its a very strange tune to dance to and people would be curious.

You can do a cabaret style to this song very very easily.The music i would call it … sexy. It just strikes as sexy ad playful to me.

New section to this blog

Ive heard inspirational stories from fellow bellydancers who mail me. Thank you very much. Its amazing. I am thinking of opening a new section where you can send in your stories. Maybe that will clear alot of misconception about bellydance. Singapore is yet to learn how to be open towards bellydance.

Questions and requests/ upcoming stuff

Please keep sending them in. I will try my best to what i can do. I do read your emails and reply as fast as i can.  I hope you guys always enjoy what you do. Thanks for all the support. Special thank to Michelle Sonho to have taught me something new in bellydance. I would be combining with Michelle to do a new experiment in dance. If you guys want to experiment with me, do mail me. It just makes bellydance more interesting. Take care 🙂



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