A montage of me made by Pawn1787 (John)

This montage was made by John. Well i have to really thank you. I think that was really sweet of you to send me this. You made my day!

A Honest post

Today i am in a mood to pour my heart out. I have friends who tell me not to tell too much on a blog. But i cant help being honest. Ive nothing to pretend or hide about. I guess everyone feels the same way i do. We are all human after all. Today after John sent me this video, i started thinking to myself. Ive got various reactions from people when they know about my blog.

I started this blog mainly because i loved bellydance a little too much. Ive even got a friend who tells me that i am expressing my frustrations through art. Bellydance gave me freedom to explore and experiment. Maybe its my nature to dwell into things people forbid or have a dim view of. The moment you tell people you are a bellydancer, you have people thinking, “stripper?”.

There were times when i wake up in the morning and think what i am doing with myself. Or sometimes i wonder what people think about this indian girl who comes from a conservative culture and religion dancing on the web. Do people think sexually about the whole thing.  There were even times i thought of taking down the videos. Each time i feel like that, i recieve an email from a bellydancing sister or fan of bellydance telling me how much it means to them. The main reason why i started all this was because i didnt have a teacher. And i ended up with the wrong teachers in the beginning. I dont want people to have the passion but not the opportunity to learn. Maybe learning from videos isnt as effective as learning in a class. But atleast you learn and share something.

All the stuff you guys do for me, i really appreciate it. The emails, comments and the videos. It makes me think i am in the right path. It makes me feel a little better of myself. When people talk about what i do, i am honestly shy about it. I try to avoid the subject. Cos deep inside my heart, i had been afraid of what people think of me. I am not the sort of person that wants attention or want people to mistake what i do as sexual. Those who are with me, i have to thank all of you that none of you think like that. I am also glad that ive managed to be a form of help to all of you.

Another thing ive to thank all of you guys for are the comments and suggestions. By listening to your comments ive managed to correct my mistakes. By researching your questions, ive learnt alot more about this artform. I am also glad that the people who are with me have a great impression of bellydance. Ive heard from so many men who loves belydancing more than women. Ive seen John’s page and the time he spends compiling floorwork bellydance videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/Pawn1787

I will post more videos. And do keep sending me your questions. I might be a little late in answering them. Its great to share knowledge, you learn alot more that way. Thanks alot.



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