Beladi’s question on weight belts in bellydance

Weight belts in bellydance

I have made this video to answer a very controversial topic in bellydance ; the use of weights in bellydance. Some dancers are very against it. Some swear it helps them. This has been the argument among dancers for some time. I am not going to state what is right or wrong. I am just going to show some exercises i do with weight belts. I have used weight belts for over a month, i do not have any injuries. But that does not mean its totally safe.

Benefits of weights

Why are weights useful. By adding on weights on your hips, you are adding resistance to your movements, By moving harder than your usual self, when you remove your weights, you find your movements much more fluid and easier. Some claim weight belts help you learn faster. Weight belts can help you identify your muscles and move them individually.

Dangers of weights?

By not knowing how to move with your weights, you can hurt and injure your hips. You can damage your muscles. It may even cause strain on your knees. Rememeber, its not how fast you learn to be better. You as a dancer must last long enough. If you injure yourself in the start, you may not even be able to dance anymore. As a dancer, your health is very important.

Who can use weight belts?

Intermediate or advanced dancers. Again, i am not an expert. I am stating my opinion. Basic dancers do not know the basics of moving the proper muscles for certain steps. By using weights, wrong postures or wrong movements can seriously injure you! Its important to have a proper class training so your teacher can monitor you and see if you are doing your steps properly. An intermediate or advanced dancers know the basic movements, they are just adding weights to improve themselves.

Where to buy them?

There are proper weight belts for bellydancrs in the market. However, they are pricey. After much discussion with a few bellydancers, i realise scuba diving weight belts fits the same purpose. Scuba diving weight belts are much much cheaper. They are not pretty as your professional weight belts but they work the same.

What to look out for in weight belts?

Your weights MUST be distributed evenly. I use two pounds in each side of my hip. You can see in my video how i distributed them. Please start off with small amounts of weight. Weights in the market come with a minimum of total weight of 7 pounds. I started out with 4. The moment you feel uncomfortable, stop using the weights. Or you may get hurt.

Exercises to do with weights?

Its your normal drills. In this video i did various movements. Hip circles, umis, inner and outer figure eights, walking figure eights, inner hip circle, mayas and shimmies. You can do all your basics with weight belts. Honestly, i dont feel quite right about shimmying with weights on. If you ask me, i wouldnt advise it. I usually do undulations and belly rolls with weights. Weights can also help in teaching you isolations.

Short note

There are no miracles or fast learning way to be better. The main principle is practise and your love for this artform. If you love bellydance, you will practise. Weights can only help you to a certain extent. You can acheive a great standard even without weights. The main idea is practise. In singapore, you can get this weight belt for about 30 dollars inclusive of weights from any scuba diving shops. In US and UK i think its alot cheaper. Or you can just try ebay.  I hope i have helped. Please do keep mailing me your questions and requests. I am reading them. Sorry if i am a little late in uploading replies.



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