Nle editing (Dad and i )

Ok this time i am finally uploading my cheesy 1960’s edit of a boring NLE exercise. The footage was too boring and uninteresting to me. So i decided to use music and change the entire mood. Music does play an important role in films. Since Melanie (film history teacher) makes me watch cowboy movies, ive become so obsessed with it that i edit my exercises cowboy style.

The enthusisam for cowboy movies has spread to my father. I think everyone in school knows that there;s an invisible student for film history class – my dad.  Since i couldnt rip  the films from our school library so i could show execerpts, my dad went all around singapore looking for the rare sergio leone films. He so far got all of sergio leone movies

-Fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more, the good, the bad and the ugly, once upon a time in america, once upon a time in the west and DUCK YOU SUCKER!!!

And we watched them all. When i borrowed the books on it, my DAD was reading it. He helped me analyse the films alot. I even got myself a cowboy hat and a harmonica after watching once upon a time in the west.

My dad and i are real pals. This always gets my two other sisters jealous. Well maybe becos i am like a guy. I play xbox war games with him and we have obsession for the same types of movies. Now i passed on the obsession of silent films. I got my dad to watch some of Buster keatons films and guess what happened?

All of Buster Keaton’s titles he could get his hands on. So before and after i go to school me and my dad get a dose of buster keaton. My dad;s favorites are our hospitality, seven chances, go west and the neighbors 🙂

I told my dad about Charlie Chaplin. So he got a bunch more,

He is Stanley Kubrick’s fan too! I made him watch clockwork orange. Ever since that he bought a few dvds from kubrick’s collection. My dad calls him rUBIX For fun!

One day when i came back home, i found him watching CITIZEN KANE. He looked at me and said, “its a complicated plot.” Now he uses phrases like, “Wide shot, medium shot, wide angle lens, cinematography, low key lighting”. Its fun to see my father say all that. He was alot onto history and litreature, maybe thats why he can analyse movies so well. I would love to show him “Battleship Potemkin” next. Its a lovely film.

My dad and i have some discussion about silent era comedians. He kinds of like Charlie. I love Buster. I know my dad loves Buster too! I dun like Charlie as he is onto emotions. My dad told me to keep an open mind and watch all the silent actors and observe them 🙂 So i do.

Film History and Dad

So we had to do the wiki on a french movie called Rules of the Game. Melanie was kind enough to lend us the dvd. I wanted to show my dad how french poetic realism and french impressionist films look like. He was able help me with explanations and ideas.  He helps me for my other stuff too. Its fun when you involve someone from the family. ever since i went to FSV i dont play xbox wid paps anymore. So we found a new line of hobbies. Watching old films. I made him watch some Dziga vertov’s movies as well. He really appreciates ancient stuff as i do.



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2 thoughts on “Nle editing (Dad and i )

  1. Lol. FSV doesnt know they have an invisible student. I wish we could have him as our classmate. He would be the only one wide awake during film history class.

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