Experimental Bellydance- Requiem for a Dream

Hello there. I am back again with another experiment in bellydance. This time i am dancing to my favorite classical piece called REQUIM FOR A DREAM. Many people hardly listen to classical pieces these days. It may sound strange, but ive got many classical pieces in my mp3. It relaxes me and makes me imagine. My main point for this experiment is that we can bellydance to any music. I had used alot of slow belly dance techniques here. I haf a great intrest towards tribal and tribal fusion bellydance. I tried using alot of earthy steps. I did most of my mayas flat on my feet rather than my toes.

I didnt quite use alot of travelling steps. I used to have a sunflower toy in my childhood. When you turn the button on, it will start making a snakey dance to “fur elise” of Beethoven. Thats another favourite piece of mine. So i used that as an inpiration and imitated what the toy did. Making snake like movements just standing in one place. So please excuse me for not travelling around.

I hardly choreograph nowdays. I just do random practises. I dont quite have the time. But when you stop restrciting urself to choreography you ted to be more smooth in your movements. If not most of your mind will be concetrating on keeping up with the choreography rather than feeling the music.


I had been discussing with a good bellydancer friend of mine that is Daniel about using weights and practising. Some bellydancers say a big “NO NO” to this. Whereas some swear that it helps them improve. I couldnt quite afford Delilah’s weight belt for bellydancers, so i settled for a scuba diving weight belt with 2 pounds of weight on each side of my hip.

Honestly i would not suggest very basic learners to use weights. In bellydance its pretty important to know which muscle to move. Even if its just a hip circle. You need to know the proper technique. I would suggest intermediate level dancrs to use it. I am an intermediate dancer myself. But it kind of helped me. It helps you identify where your muscles and helps you move them.

How to practise with weights?

Daniel asked me this question. I am promising a video of me doing various bellydance practise moves with the belt on. So you guys got a rough idea what to do, if you are dead set on getting one. Dont be too ambitious and settle for a weighty belt. Go for the smallest. Even if you are a macho hero. Some dancers say its dangerous. But its not a proven fact. But its important to be cautious.

Other than weights how  do i train my muscles to listen to me?

Various movements are generated from various muscles. I am not an expert. I am just telling you what my teachers taught me. For an example, in the shimmy your back muscles on your thighs are da ones responsible for da movement. What i do is simply is hit the gym atleast twice a week. (I used to go every two days, but thanks to ma school i cant…) I do mostly leg exercises. 2 cycles and the cross trainer. It will make your leg muscles strong and your stamina will increase. You can do your mayas with your feet flat on the ground. Trust me.

For snake arms….i am pretty lazy to practise this. I kind of carry hand weights but i dont think it has helped me much. The sad truth is…DO SNAKE ARMS…feel like you are on water…move every muscle till it hurts…

Crunches and sit ups didnt quite help me with ma belly rolling. I speak to ma muscles. Really. They listen to you after some time. The more you practise the better. The weights helped me a great deal in ma undulations as well.

The grand question on hip scarfs from seema

Seema asked the different styles in tying the hip scarfs. Honestly everyone ties it in front. I think she got confused seeing me tie on the side sometimes. I dont know. Its personel preference. I feel happy when i see many coins jingling, so i tie it on ma side. Its a simple knot. Its not as complicated as the saree.

Where to buy?

Try ebay. It will be alot cheaper than your local bellydance stores. Trust me! Its the same chiffon scarf. You can choose to pay 40 dollars or just 14.

How to sew?

Hmmmm, its a tedious job. I was sewing sequins into a bra. After make two tiny circles on the centre of each cup, i gave up. If you are the determined kind. Get your coins from ebay 🙂 and get a chiffon cloth and start sewing.

Brief history on hipscarfs

This i heard from an old teacher of mine. In the past, women lived in fear and were always on the run. Its like you may have to leave home any day or choose to get married or kidnapped to someone you dont quite fancy, So families sew their wealth or gold coins onto scarfs and tied it on their daughters so they could escape and they had money for their living and expenses.

Gold coins- rich family

-Silver coins- poorer families.

*Forgive ma typos

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