When knowledge hangs as chains rather than pearls on your neck…

Yesterday they came and told me my time is running out…

I knew that deep inside my heart

I waited for a sign to do what i was destined to do

Time seem to have frozen

Probably to mock those who hadnt cleaned after their mistakes

Now that time seems to be moving again

Faster and as a reminder

telling me my time is up

I am granted to do all i want to do

till the last bell rings

Today i felt how is to be dead

You cant feel the tenderness of a simple breeze

Or the warmth of the sun

You soul is there

But you feel nothing

Ive been told im different

The sqaure among the circles

Now i know why

I am the one to go

My time is really short

I want to learn and know everything before i go

But how much can i learn

In such a short time

The knowledge i have are truly pearls

But sometimes they burden me like chains

Reminding me of the ticking clock

Will heaven be a better place?


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