Well, i recieved an email from Sarah from UK. She asked me to demonstrate and breakdown the step of the UMI. If you guys have questions do keep mailing me. I am going to keep this short cos i am itching to write about ma new obsession.


I was interested in this movie when i was reading my film art textbook. But i kind of knew i could not get hold of it. But somehow i did! Nah not from our school library. N well ive gt that film with me. And how should i descibe it. Its GENIUS. Its like having an entire course of FSV (Film sound video) in one movie. If melanie asks me to write reviews, i can write an entire thesis on it.

A clockwork orange is about a young man whose primary interests are violence, rape and Beethoven!

After watching the movie, i was itching to get that book. And yes my comrades i did 🙂

What does a clockwork orange mean? Well according to Anthony Burgess (Burgess. A, 1986, p. 911) a clockwork orange is an orange which looks entirely juicy and real on the outside but its a mere mechanical device that can be tuned by God or evil to be Good or Bad. Interesting isnt it? Well apparently Mr. Kubrick removed the last chapter of the book from the film. It ends portraying our droog Alex as an evil little devil. But according to the book, Alex would start thinking about marriage as he got tired of vioence. Kubrick and the publisher didnt want that ending as it doesnt seem as catchy! Anthony Burgess was upset cos human beings change, There is no such thing as a clockwork orange!

Ive been analyzing Kubrick’s amazing work. I am not a kubrick fan. Cos i didnt like THE SHINING! I read the book and the movie kind of failed to scare me as much as the book did. But A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is very very very close to the book. In fact, Kubrick simply ripped off the dialouges from the book and used it in his movie.

“Whats it going to then, eh?”

Where do i start? On the misc en scene or on the cinematography or about the acting the music? In fact i think they used everything from the film art textbook lol! The use of colors, shadows, lights and set makes you remmeber the film for a lifetime. Apart from that, the music is pretty shocking. Kubrick probably used the music cos our droog Alex loves Beethoven. And when he goes about doing the murders the music is used to indicate that he is enjoying it as much as he enjoys Beethoven. The music could also be in his mind. I laughed the most when Ludwig’s 9th symphony was played during Alex’s orgy scene. It seemed to me like he was having a marathon with the two women.


Alex uses alot of Russian words like Droog (friends) Moloko (Milk). It was the same in the film as well. The fact he drinks milk makes him look halfway between innocence and maturity. I loved the fact kubrick used alot of shadows in the movie.

Drunken man;s shadow can be seen.

N slow Alex and his droogs are introduced. Only the shadows first. I loved that very much.

Ive been playing around with the lights at home to achieve that. I like exploring myself honestly. I know im not very sane. I dont like hollywood movies alot. But this is the perfect film. No nonsesical effects. Just genius work to achieve shock that many new movies with all the effects could never do!

I loved the low key lighting. The strong sharp light from the side illuminating the shape of his face.

Apart from cinematography, the designs of the set were very futuristic. The colors were cleverly used. Expected of a film in the eighties and seventies. Now you dont see that much. The colors can speak out alot. The objects used. The posters.

Our droog Alex

Hmm Well this role was acted by Malcom Mcdowell. Kubrick once said that if Malcom wasnt available he wouldnt make this film. I will show you why!

Thats a really evil looking “15” year old teenager. I can see why Kubrick wished to keep young Alex evil. I really think no one else could have done this role better than him. And he was 28 when he was doing this movie. The rape scene with him singing “singin in the rain” is really disturbing. Very scary.

Apart from his young look, Malcom did carry out the role really well. Closely following Alex’s character. Even though in the book Alex wasnt really singing and raping. But it was Bizzare!! Cos in the book he was raping 2 ten year old which was replaced with the orgy with 2 teenage women. In fact in the book, most of the raped victims were ten year olds. I think if Kubrick had continued with that, he could have been shot dead! N most of Kubrick’s film used this sinister expression. Even the shining has it. Hmm if ma son was drinking his moloko as sinister as this, i think i would jump off the window!

Malcom nearly died in this film. He was nearly drowned in the water trough scene where his old droogs were trying to drown him. Apparently his water pipe came off. He also had cracked ribs in the humilation scene. But he is very much alive today.

Yes young Alex is our Mr.Linderman from HEROES!

Hadnt really changed his ways yet eh.

Why ban it?

I think almost every country banned this movie. Its a genius film but it triggered off copycat murders. There were a few cases of some rapists singing “singin in the rain” to their victims. Haiz that song has now become a rapist’s favourite.

I would say the movie has loads of nudity sex and violence. But we are looking at it from Alex’s perspective. Honestly, i dont like nudity much in movies. But this film had to use it. N i think they used it wisely. Not like some useless films that show tits to attract attention. Kubrick just showed whats happening in reality. This is how cruel our world is!

 I do not really agree with the ending after reading the 21st chapter of Anthony Burgess book. People change. No one is a clockwork orange!

2 thoughts on “A CLOCKWORK SHANU :)

  1. It’s been ages since I checked your blog. I wanted to what exactly is in the mind behind…the voice and those shimmies.

    “A Clockwork Shanu??”..now that’s funny.

    From what I’ve heard chapter 21 of Burgess’s novel wasn’t included in the US publication (for whatever reason.) And even though Kubrick was living in England when he made this film he based his screenplay on the American novelization. Kudos to you for reading the book. I tried and the slang was so overwhelming I got a pain in my gulliver and couldn’t viddy it anymore.

    I read “The Shining” and also loved the movie. Please don’t tell me that you prefer that Stephen King, made for TV version otherwise a spanking may be in order.

    Kubrick always is careful when picking locales as in this film where he picked some unique architecture to convey the England of the not to distant future. You’re right about the music; it was probably played to show how Alex feels really “horror show” when he commits his ultra-violence. In case you weren’t aware, it is implied that that milk he was drinking was laced with drugs. If you like the way colors are used in films check out the 1977 film “Suspira” sometime. In fact, from my channel.

    Warning the video is graphically violent.

    I wasn’t aware that Alex raped two 10 year olds in the novel. That is very disturbing. I’m sure you’re aware that Burgess based the “singin in the rain” segment on an incident where he and his wife were assaulted in their home by some drunken American GIs during WWII.

    The film wasn’t actually banned in England. It was given an “X” rating and Kubrick was furious so he pulled it from distribution. From 1971 on the film could not be legally shown in England until after Kubrick’s death in 1999.

    Anyway, I can’t believe I wrote this much. Just so you know from now on I well call you “my little droogette.”

    • Hey John
      It was a very interesting read. I had no idea that the rape scene was a real incident of the author’s life….definitely you are my droog and i can viddy all that your say…even though i do agree that the slang can be a pain in the gulliver at times…
      And im glad that a malchick like you appreciates this Devotchka’s blog…maybe we can go out for some moloko sometime….i rpomise you wont have to waste any pretty polly on me!

      Hahaha but once u get used to this slang….its like a langauge u know…i didnt even need to try to rmemeber when you use those words on your post….it came to be like mother tongue! hahahha

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